Community Interview: Jack Moore

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This week, we’re taking interest into another member of our community: Jack Moore, also known as Jacomo in our Discord server. Let’s get to it then!

So Jack, please introduce yourself in a few words!

I’m Jack Moore, an 18-year-old English guy from “up’t north” in Cumbria, currently in Leeds studying for a degree in music. I’m hoping to eventually work in video game music and sound design, but for now, just enjoying being a student as much as possible despite the current state of the world.

That’s very cool! Do you play any music instruments? Can you name a couple video game soundtracks that inspired you to follow this path?

I play drums and saxophone mainly, with a little piano and bass guitar on the side. I actually learned drums from playing Rock Band and then transferring my knowledge onto a real drum kit when I started lessons. Now it’s my principal study instrument after around 10 years of playing.

As for soundtracks, I love so many but I think if I had to say which ones influence my style of music composition and made me want to study video game music in general, I’d have to say Gran Turismo 3 and The Sims 1. However, more recently I have been listening lots to Rimworld’s soundtrack and trying to study exactly how Alistair Lindsay (the composer) creates such a great atmosphere in the games he composes for.

Nice. Now, back to our main interest here obviously : how long have you been simracing ?

My first ever video games were almost exclusively racing games, including Toca 2 Touring Cars and Gran Turismo 3. I only really started getting into sim racing around a year ago when I started driving lessons – I had been attempting on and off for around 2 years before I started my lessons, but these attempts mainly failed from my lack of real-life driving experience and patience. With Covid making it much harder to go out performing music or practising in bands, I found that my interest grew fast now owning the majority of sim racing titles. I mainly race in iRacing, AC and Automobilista 1 & 2, looking to get into Raceroom next month and rFactor 2 & ACC when I eventually upgrade my rig.

How and when did you join ?

I originally joined for the Nord VLN race back in July (which has been rescheduled to 2021 now), and then found that I was actually far more interested in the weekly leagues in AC.

Which events and/or leagues have you joined since you have been here with us?

So far I raced in Season 2 of the MX5 league, however, had to drop out due to moving to University. I am currently racing in Season 3 in the MX5 league and hoping to continue participating in both that and other upcoming leagues and events.

Jack Moore’s MX5 from Season 2 and 3 of the MX5 League

What’s your favorite memory of racing with this community ?

My favourite memory definitely has to be the first event of this season, Croft. In the first race, I didn’t get a break at all from the grid all the way up past lap 10 of 15! This season definitely has featured some amazing driving and battles so far and I look forward to even more great racing in the final 2 rounds.

You’re currently standing 5th in the MX5 Cup Championship. How tough is it to make it to the Top 5 after 3 weeks of racing?

As I said above, the standard of driving has been incredibly difficult to compete with. The ballasts have done wonders for keeping the faster drivers of the pack balanced with those who are slightly less experienced and making the racing very exciting.

What position are you aiming at after the 2 remaining rounds of the MX5 Cup?

Ideally, I want to maintain my position in the top 5 until the end of the season, however, this may be easier said than done as it seems that the pace of the whole pack gets better and better each race. Since the season is so short, finishing lower in the pack at Red Bull Ring has significantly dropped my position in the league from 2nd to 5th, but I believe that just shows how the podium can vary so much between each round and that I am definitely not out of the running for a top 3 finish yet.

Well, good luck with that, and I can’t wait to watch those races! What would be a perfect league for you to race in the next PitCrew seasons?

I would love to see some FWD action (TCR, BTCC etc.) as those cars can produce some amazing racing. However, my perfect league would have to be using some older classic cars as I love the challenge presented by them, whether it be older F1 (98T, Type 49 etc.) or road car classes (Touring Car Legends, Assetto Corsa Legends). However, I know that all leagues that run are of high quality, so personally love to try out all of the listed leagues’ cars before setting my heart on a specific one.

Those are great ideas for future events. On another matter, I only recently discovered that you are now one of the official PitCrew stewards, working closely with Alisa Long. How did that happen?

Terry had mentioned that ThePitCrew were looking for stewards to expand their current operation and bring in new features to future leagues like live stewarding. I’ve always enjoyed helping moderate communities and this is a great opportunity to both help ThePitCrew expand and become a more rounded driver, especially with the ability to learn from someone as experienced as Alisa.

Looking for more responsibilities in the community in the months to come?

As mentioned, I look forward to the potential addition of live stewarding and safety car drivers in future seasons, however, I am more than happy to focus my efforts on just stewarding currently considering I was only just given the role this week (at time of writing).

Thanks, Jack for your answers and for the much-appreciated implication into this community! If you too want to get interviewed, like Callum did a couple of weeks back, comment on this post and let us know in the Discord server!

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