Welcome to ThePitCrew

Founded in 2019, we’re a simracing community that has grown from strength to strength during the global pandemic in 2020 of COVID-19, a tough time for everyone, but as real racing locked down, sim racing grew on a massive scale and we were there to support and facilitate racers every step of the way.

Our Goal: Provide clean, close, semi-competitive sim racing to drivers of all skill levels.

What is the Pit Crew?

ThePitCrew is a community built by Terry “TFrag” Farish, to provide clean, close, semi-competitive sim racing to drivers of all skill levels ranging from complete beginners at online sim racing to professional, sponsored sim racers who are amongst the best.

We aim to provide a race for everyone no matter your skill. From championships and endurances with matching based on our PitSkill ranking system to ensure that the splits are closely matched on driver ability with live-streaming and live-stewarding for every championship, to one-off special “FUNdurances” where you can get out on track solo, or as part of a team, in your first foray into the “endurance” world of racing online, without the pressure of live stewaring or live streaming.

Our Mission Statement?

We aim to provide close, clean, semi-competitive racing to drivers of all skill levels across multiple simracing titles.

What do we host?

Currently, our main goals are to build a community based on close, clean, competitive racing and to do this, we host the following races for drivers.

For Semi-Competitive Drivers

Aimed at Semi-Competitive Drivers, with Live Stewarding and Live Broadcasting:
  • Championships, with mandatory evaluation races to judge your pace and race-craft, these will allow for us to place you in the correct split!
  • Team Endurance Races, with harsher qualifying rules, these are races aimed at those drivers who are looking to fight in a close field for multiple hours and find out who can be, the endurance champion!

For Non-Competitive Drivers

Aimed at Non-Competitive Drivers, without Live Stewarding and sometimes with Live Broadcasting:

  • Fundurance Races, monthly races with one goal in mind: FUN, a much more lax qualifying requirement, aimed at those of you who want to partake in a “less serious” endurance race.

How do we achieve this?

We strive to develop new systems, provide new solutions and listen to the feedback from our community to help us to continue to develop and integrate with partnered platforms to ensure that we deliver the very best to our drivers.

With an exclusive driver rating system which we are continually developing and updating, we aim to continually integrate new functionality to improve the classification systems of our drivers, allowing us to ensure no matter where you are on the grid, you know you’re going to be fighting with people who are looking for fantastic racing just as you are.

What does "Semi-Competitive" mean?

Semi-competitive means that even though all skill levels of drivers can sign up, we aim to match you with drivers of your skill level and provide a close, clean, competitive race and championship, we also require drivers to attend a percentage of races, and places are handed out not just by skill level, but past attendance as well.

This allows us to ensure that grids are maintained in size and you’ll always have someone to race on track, we also aim to live steward and stream as many championship splits as possible by our staffing limits.

Frequently asked Questions

Type 'ThePitCrew' into your server browser, server passwords are:



Our servers operate a whitelist, if you haven't linked your steam account on your account, you will need to do so and wait until 2AM to access the server.

Pre-qualifying is listed on each championship signup page, check out the tab.

Championships - Mandatory attendance of rounds you sign up for.

Series - Drop-in/drop-out of whichever rounds you wish to, no fixed attendance requirements, however, you have to sign up for each round individually.

PitSkill ratings are available on your Racing License.

You can find more information regarding PitSkill on the PitSkill Page.

You can find all of our championships on our Championship page.

Single events can be found on our single events page.

The password is located on the welcome page once you've signed up!

The best way to support us for free is to follow us on all of our socials, like, tweet about us and spread the word, they're all listed at the top of the website in the top banner.

If you'd like to donate or join our VIP club, the Patreon and PayPal links are also up there.

Still can't find the answer?

Join our discord server and open a help request.