ThePitCrew Sim Racing Rules and Regulations

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

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ThePitCrew prides itself on running clean, close racing, which is why we have many stringent rules to ensure that our racing is kept to the cleanest, safest drivers out on track, speed is not the goal here, good quality racing is.

Above all else, sportsmanship and willingness to provide good league racing for other drivers is our top priority and is expected of any other driver as well, if we find any driver to be purposefully breaching the rules to “take matters into their own hands” they will be permanently banned from the community.

We have 3 separate rule guides to ensure that drivers don’t get “lost in rules” they don’t need to, the first is the quick rule guide, specifically for the Casual races.

Standard Rules and Regulations

The standard rules and regulations document, covering all of our regulated championships and series, you are required to read this to race in any of our events.

Quick Rule Guide

The following rule guide is more for “public information” rather than the full rules above.

ThePitCrew – Quick Rule Guide

Endurance Rules and Regulations

Coming in February/March 2022.

Used solely for “Endurance” events, if this document is used, you will be notified by race control prior to the event taking place and is usually reserved for events of 3hrs and over.

<< Link to Document >>

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