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This will probably be the shortest of my PitCoach posts, but the one I’m most proud about to share. After two months of working on it, I can finally share with you the ultimate ACC Strategy Spreadsheet, the perfect tool to plan your racing strategies and especially useful for longer team endurances. If you’re looking for one to test it, make sure to take a look at the endurance events:

TPC Kya45m 1 scaled
Credits: Ryan Ware

Let’s cut to the point, though. If you wanna use the spreadsheet, just copy the template from this folder into your drive and then share it with your teammates so everyone can edit it in real-time during the race:

Of course, this being a very advanced and precise tool, it won’t be easy to use at the beginning, so I created a tutorial video apart from the information in the Read-me tab for you to learn how it works:

Make sure you take a look, as it not only helps with the strategy and schedule before a race but also with the post-race analysis. You can compare the different stints, and the tyre wear at each one and extract some very interesting insights to improve for your next races. As all drivers realize with experience, in order to have good race results, you need to go beyond speed and not focus only on your pace but also on your race craft and strategy. There’s more time to gain with a proper one than what you can get improving your laps by some tenths.
It also includes a little toolbox for calculating fuel in sprint races precisely, which I always use. But like every tool, it only works well if you use it correctly.

If all this sounds interesting and you want to go even further, you can also book coaching sessions with me. I not only offer to coach your driving, but also assistance for endurance races. Just fill out this form, and I’ll contact you!

See you on track at!

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