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After finishing 10 events, your ranking will change from PROVISIONAL to the ranking you’ve been assigned. 

You can always gain, or lose rating every race, so see how high you can climb!

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You can check all of our races out on our brand new management platform, PitSkill, dedicated to giving you close, clean competitive races!

Read the FAQ for more answers to your questions below, and check out your drivers license to find out your PitSkill information!

PitSkill - Ranking and Race FAQ?

PitSkill™ is used to help keep our leagues close and competitive no matter what your skill level is, allowing you to always be competing with drivers around your level!

The best way of gaining more PitSkill rating is by driving and consistently finishing races, the bigger the grids you finish in the bigger your rating gain.

The biggest factors that affect your PitSkill rating are:

  • Failure to finish a race will massively impact your rating.
  • Finishing the race incident free.
  • Doing well in a race compared to your peers.
  • Consistently placing well in races.

The server launches when the countdown has ended, it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes for the server to appear in the list, ensure you have your settings set to "ALL" and it'll show up for you, the minimum driver count for the event to launch is 4, so invite your friends if it's not high enough yet!

Information on how it works is private, however, it's based on your finishing position in the strength of the field, you can check all of those out on the website!

Incidents are reported in the same process that post-race league incidents are reported if you feel like the driver needs to be looked at by more than just the rating.

Check out the rules and regulations for more information.

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