Team Races

ThePitCrew is dedicated to bringing you some of the finest team races in any simracing communities, with prizes on offer dependant on the event, we strive to bring you the very best in Team Racing in the simulation racing world, check out our races coming up and get your team signed up to compete today!

Get involved in some of the closest, cleanest, racing; with live commentaryhighlight videos, post-race writeups and live stewarding available for some of our endurance events it’s almost like racing in real life, but without the expensive bills!

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Team Races Frequently Asked

Once on the special event page, details are written in the bottom to tell you if there are any further requirements before joining the event, it is always recommended to read our rules and regulations!

Incidents are reported via our dedicated discord server where you, simply follow the instructions here and it will be looked at by our dedicated stewarding team. 

All of our rules are listed in our rules and regulations document which you can read by clicking the link here:

As always, we ask if you've signed up for a special event you attend it, failure to attend may decrease your attendance rating, a low attendance rating may stop you from entering new leagues/events in the future.

A special event is a one-off event that we run here at ThePitCrew, these have no championship standings and are just one-offs, occasionally if the events are popular, we run it again.

It's mandatory to be in our discord server whilst in our community to race, however we don't mandate joining a voice channel unless it's required for live stewarding, you are free to join voice channels to chat to your fellow drivers and we usually have a casual voice channel for those wishing to speak to others whilst racing!

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