[ Team Signup ]

This signup form is to be used by drivers who want to drive FOR our racing teams, not to be used for league events.

Drivers MUST be over the age of 16 to register for our teams.

Anyone registering for the Works Racing team will be graded based on a hotstint event on our servers, drivers successful in progressing to this event will be contacted via email or discord.

Any driver affilited with our racing teams must adhere to our community standards, any driver failing to follow these rules will be removed from the teams/community if so required.

ThePitCrew Works Racing

ThePitCrew Works Racing is a limited entrant racing team, representing the best of the best drivers that ThePitCrew has to offer, any entrants wishing to enter this team will be graded based on their pace on our servers and are expected to “compete to win”.

ThePitCrew Community Racing 

ThePitCrew Community Racing team is free to join for mostly everyone, you are always expected to withhold our community standards during any league events you join and upon being accepted will be granted access to ask our Works drivers for any assistance and information. 

Khronos Racing Team by ThePitCrew

Khronos Racing Team is a team led by one of our staff members “Mach”, which can be used to enter events for our community race drivers who are looking for a more serious, staff organised approach.