ThePitCrew - Time Trial Challenge!

Can you claim your place in the wall of fame? Or how about seeing how you stack up against everyone else in the community in our track of the week?

Check back each week to find out what next weeks’ track is, check you driver license to see how you stack up across all tracks!

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To be able to access our Time Trial servers, you must signup on our website.

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Put some Laps in!

Put in your fastest times on our challenge servers each week, results are automatically recorded after the session ends, remain until the session ends to ensure that your results are recorded!

Wall of Fame

If you’re the fastest, you’ll show in the Wall of Fame and cement your place as the fastest of them all!

ThePitCrew - Wall of Fame & Track of The Week

An introduction..

The Time Trial Weekly Challenge is a new format to ThePitCrew, but truth be told, it’s originally how ThePitCrew started!

We would spin up a server to practice for other league events, and everyone would go on and practice in a time trial scenario back in 2019.

A lot has happened since then and we’re bringing it back, better than ever but slightly changed from our original idea and much more improved, just like everything here at ThePitCrew, as interest increases, we will continue to develop and improve our systems!

What is it?

Time trial servers, running 24/7 with the ability for you to join at any point, and get some practice in and see how your lap times stack up!

What times are recorded?

All drivers who join the time trial servers have their laps recorded, if you’re signed up to our website, we’ll pull them over and display them, which is why all drivers must be registered to our website to have their times recorded on our servers, we only pull your valid laps from the time trial servers, so ensure the laps you are setting are valid and contain no cuts.

Do the times ever reset?

Yes, the times reset every “Major” update from Assetto Corsa Competizione and only the latest times are shown!

Will you be our next Time Trial Champion?

How do I set a time?

You must be logged in to see the instructions on how to connect to the servers.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Wall of Fame

Fastest driver on any track earns their place on the wall of fame below, want to check out all the times per track? Drive in the track of the week!

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Only valid laps will be recorded and shown, ensure to wait until the session has ended otherwise your time may not show up on the timing board.

When they're live, the information will be posted for all logged-in drivers, so ensure you're logged-in and we'll post the new server every week!

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