We’ve created a dedicated welcome page just for you, to help you get racing with us here at ThePitCrew!

Let’s go through a few steps, just so we can ensure your account is fully setup!

Step 1:
Connect your accounts

We need you to connect your steam and discord accounts, this is so we can keep track of you on our servers and give you the correct permissions when you join our discord!

Step 2:
Sign up

We need you to be a member of our community on, developed and created by RaceDepartment!

Password: pitcrew

Step 3:
Verify on Discord

You’ll need to be a member of our discord at all times whilst in the community, this is our hub for stewarding and community conversations!

Once you application is pending from the previous step, head on over to our verify channel and type p!verify

Now that You're Verified!

Once you’ve verified, you’re able to sign up for all the championships, series and events you ever want!

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