Introducing: PitRep – ThePitCrews Safety Rating

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Hello Everyone, we are proud to announce the latest development from ThePitCrew development team over on, our Safety Rating (PitRep)!

We’ve been trialling a system of safety rating in our development environment for a while, with one goal, to keep the grids as close and clean as possible and we are happy to announce we have completed the first version of it, now available to everyone who’s completed a race with us on their Driver Licence!

What is the Safety Rating (PitRep)?

PitRep is a system that for every race, takes into account your Corners Per Incident, in simple:

The more incidents you are involved in per corner, the more PitRep you will lose, if you quit out of the race after being involved in a lap 1 incident, you will lose the maximum PitRep for that event, if you complete the race with 0 incidents and 0 offtrack, you will gain the maximum PitRep for that event.

However, if you are involved in incidents, and continue on to finish the race, you may still gain maximum PitRep for the event, depending on how many and how many off-tracks you have as well, so keep it clean and on the tarmac during the race and you will have more chance of gaining safety rating (PitRep).

What racing simulators does it work on?

This works across ALL racing simulators which are currently supported by ThePitCrew and, including Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2 and RaceRoom.

However, when first deployed, will only work for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

What’s it look like on my Racing Licence? Licence, including Safety Rating (PitRep) and Elo Rating (PitSkill).
The Racing Licence featuring PitRep!

We’ve updated our racing licence on everyone’s profiles to now include a brand new class, and based on this class you can see how PitRep has rated that driver over numerous races, there are in total 5 licence classes you can acquire:

  • Rookie – 1-6 PitRep
  • C Class – 6-11 PitRep
  • B Class – 11-16 PitRep
  • A Class – 16-21 PitRep
  • S Class – 21-26 PitRep

The ELO System which we developed a while ago is still in your licence as your PitSkill, this hasn’t changed however, our licences now are ONLY decided by how clean you are on track.

What will my Safety Rating (PitRep) be used for?

Your PitRep will be used in the future to not only stop you from entering events and series with the ability to restrict it to certain licence classes on signup but will also be used to allow for newer drivers to get a “boost” in some events, we are able to add boosts to certain classes based on their PitRep in some championships and series which we run, for example, the GT3 Rookies Series of which you can find on

What’s the best way to gain Safety Rating (PitRep)?

The best way to gain Safety Rating (PitRep) is by racing a clean race with no off tracks, the longer the race, the more Safety Rating (PitRep) you are able to gain, however, there is a limit depending on your class and current Safety Rating (PitRep).

Where do I find more information about the Safety Rating (PitRep)?

You can always find more information on our rating systems on our website here:

What’s next for the Safety Rating (PitRep)?

The Safety Rating (PitRep) will start to look to introduce more daily races, starting with the Thursday GT3 Rookies Series, allowing for drivers to be involved in more races on a regularly scheduled period every day, as we continue to work with our partners at we are hoping to bring you more features that will allow you to be in competitive grids of similar levels to yourselves using our custom rating system, PitSkill!

We are also looking at implementing a minimum class for requirements to drive in our live-streamed/stewarded championships as well!

We have much more planned for you, however, we don’t want to give it all away just yet, but you can be convinced that we are constantly striving to improve your league racing here at ThePitCrew!

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