Tyre Pressures in ACC, 9 Easy steps to ensure you get them right and what they should be!

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Even if you may struggle with setups in ACC, Tyre Pressures are absolutely key, this is the one and most important setting to get right well before any race, let’s find out how to!

Before we start with any tips on how to ensure come race day you’re setup correctly, these are the optimal tyre pressures in the operating temperature (that means when you’re driving, not in the pits).

GT3 dry tyres – Optimal range: 27.4 – 27.8 PSI / Optimum pressure: 27.65 PSI

GT4 dry tyres – Optimal range: 26.5 – 27.5 PSI / Optimum pressure 27.2 PSI*

All cars wet tyres – Optimal range: 29.5 – 31.0 PSI / Optimum pressure 30.0 PSI

Keep in mind that Porsche Cup pressures are like GT3. For the rest of the classes (ST, CHL, TCX) please use the GT4 pressures.

ACC Tyre Pressures - Bathurst
You’ll be able to have more confidence in your car if you follow the below steps!

9 Easy Steps, How to get the correct tyre pressures in Assetto Corsa Competizione!

As said before, the correct pressures in the setup tab will be different depending on the ambient temperature, but following these steps, you will nail them every time:

  1. Set up an offline practise with the ambient average temperature, clouds and in-game time like in the event you are practising for.
  2. Load your setup (if you don’t have any, just aggressive setup) and do 3-5 laps with race fuel
  3. Immediately after crossing the line after your last lap return to the garage and take a look at your hot pressures in the setup tab. You want these to be all-around 27.7 PSI for GT3 and 27.2 for GT4, so for each tyre, you will add or subtract pressure so that you would have reached that pressure
  4. Do 3-5 laps again with these new pressures and take a look again, maybe there’s still some fine-tuning needed, but you should be already very close.
  5. Take into account that brake ducts will have an impact on tyre temperatures and therefore the pressure, so if you change them, you will need to adjust the pressures.
  6. If you want to be even more precise, you can look at the Temperature and pressure data over a lap using MoTec
  7. After you finish your setup, save it indicating the ambient temperature it was made for. Now you can use it for any setup in a range of about +/- 10°C of that, just by adding 0.1 PSI for every °C lower temperature or subtracting 0.1 PSI for every °C hotter ambient.
  8. Note that track temperature has a slight impact on tyre pressures, so with the same ambient, higher track temperatures may increase the pressures a bit. However, this is negligible in most cases.
  9. Be careful with off-tracks and kerbs, especially on the initial laps with cold tyres, as they can make you lose tyre pressure. To counter this effect, you can aim for the higher part of the optimal pressure range, but be careful to not overshoot it and drive your whole stint on balloons

*Disclaimer: I couldn’t find any official data on the optimum GT4 pressure. This is based on personal experience and reality may differ.

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