Welcome to 2022, this year, we’re focusing on furthering and creating a much stronger, closer, cleaner and more competitive grid, we’ve got a bunch of changes in store for you as a driver and it’s thanks to everyone’s support after the “blip” that has convinced us to continue onwards, so let’s celebrate 2022 in style!

What’s new, what’s changed?

[MAJOR CHANGE] – The Website

Here at ThePitCrew.co.uk will be used for signups and information, we will be using this as our “hub” of information for you to get involved in championships, races and keep track of your stats.

What the website will be used for.

What discord will be used for:

What SimRacing.gp will be used for:

This means, for any championships, events or information, come to the website FIRST as it will contain all the information you need to understand how we manage SimRacing.gp!

[CHANGED] – The Rulebook

We’ve looked at the rules, read your suggestions from the 2021 survey and we’ve built a brand new rulebook for all races, allowing it to be used universally, as well as improving and clearing up requirements to help us improve our transparency across the grid!

[CHANGED] Big Grid Fundurances / Funraces

We’ve brought on a new manager, Ruben who will be handling Fun-durance races and Fun-races from here on, we’ve got an exciting new calendar coming up for you, keep an eye out over at the Fundurance page for all the events and to get signed up to them!

NurburgringCars-Assetto Corsa Competizione
Fundurance is back!

[NEW] – Series

If you’ve been around with us since the summer, we used to run open series, where you could turn up to the events you could make, these will now be back in 2022 and will be our more “open” formats, allowing for you to sign up to the events you can make and get yourself involved in the close, clean, competitive racing here at ThePitCrew.

Series are open to everyone and are aimed at those who are looking for something a little more casual to drive in, or who cannot commit to longer championships, there’s no pre-qualifying, but your attendance is still kept in check by our systems.

What is a series?

20210411142542 1
Multiclass Open Series

[CHANGED] Championships

Our championships, which we’ve been known for over the past few years are back, in the same fashion they used to be, but highly refined.

Championships will run over 8 rounds, with 2-3 weeks beforehand usually to pre-qualify for, these are for the drivers who are looking for a challenge, and will only be open to drivers who qualify to join before the championship starts, failure to qualify means you WILL NOT be able to join the championship after it has started.*

*Mid-season signups before round 4 are open to Patreon members.

Championships are aimed at drivers who are looking for serious competition in Assetto Corsa Competizione and are aimed at people who will be able to attend all rounds or only miss one/two, drivers will be split based on the pre-qualifying times and you must be within 105% of the fastest driver in the championship to even get in!

If you are outside of the qualification for the championship, you are only entitled to attend the Amateur Cup on Sundays or other events.

What is a championship?

What steps are required to race in a championship?

  1. Complete the mandatory Hotstint requirements, listed on each championship signup page!
  2. Compete in as many Evaluation Events as you can attend, the better your chances are at getting in the split you want based on the amount of events you attend!
  3. Await the announcement as to which split/class you will be in when signups close!

[NEW] PitSkill 2.0 – Mandatory Evaluation Events

PitSkill 2.0 will be used to ensure that all drivers are marked based on their driving standards, we’ll be keeping track of your safety out on track, ability to drive within a pack, how many races you finish, how well you place as well as other factors!

These evaluation events will be used to rate you in to your classes in a championship, with more uses of the data coming soon!

A week’s worth of evaluation events will be released at a time, as the more drivers and the more races you race in, the better it is for your rating!

The more races you attend, the more correct our rating system will be and the higher chance you’ll have of getting in the split you want and the ability to have your split live streamed and live stewarded!

Note, information used for us to rate you in PitSkill 2.0 will be kept private until we’re happy it’s at a point for public consumption, do not ask us for your PitSkill 2.0 data.

Note, Note: If you previously had a PitSkill 1.0 rating, this no longer applies, you must compete in evaluation events for us to know your correct ranking, we no longer have PitSkill 1.0 data.

2022:W1 of the Evaluation Events
TPC S9 Dash3 4
Championships – 2022

[NEW] – Endurance Racing

Thanks to the success of our 6hrs of Kyalami in 2021, we’re continuing to progress with our aim of bringing big-scale endurance events to our community, with multiple events planned throughout 2022, check out our Endurance Races page for all the events coming in 2022 and sign up your team!

Endurances are aimed at those looking to compete as a team in a strong field with other drivers of their level and require pre-qualifying to secure their place in the grid.

What are the endurance races?

SimGrid Misano 08
Endurance Races – 2022

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to the pages linked to find out all the information on the Championships and Series, Endurance Events or Fundurance Events!