Season 9 – Week 1 – Championship Highlights

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Welcome to the first week of Season 9 of ThePitCrews weekday championship league racing, we’re heading to Nurburgring for Round 1 of the Monday GT3 Double Dash championship.

TPC S9 Dash1 04
Pree Masand leading the charge!
Photo Credit: Ryan Ware

It was Pree Masand in the yellow and green number 78 Lamborghini who qualified in pole position, but after a few, rough opening turns, dropped down into the back end of the grid along with Sebastian Leinmuller in the 984 Aston Martin as they came around through the Mercedes complex for the first time, both quickly managed to get going again, and the fight continued to see who could pick up the most amount of positions as they attempted to get back into the race.

Inter-class fighting continued between the 2 drivers as they came through the laps that followed, on their way through the Amateur and Silver PitSkill rated drivers that they now had to battle for position.

The upper ends of the pack were dominated by Silver Driver Ryan Ware in his Gulf Racing inspired number 616 Bentley not without mistakes though, as he attempted to battle on down to close the gap to the Pro rated driver of Peter Stokes in his blue and purple Audi R8.

With Pree and Sebastian fighting to climb their way back through the grid, it allowed for us to catch some of the amazing action happening between the AM Class and Silver Class, with Pip Homer, Fernando, and Paul Cook all getting in on the action to see who could be the most consistent and pick up some early points in Round 1 of this 8 round championship, with Sebastian carving the way through the field with Pree in tow.

With the qualifying leaders right on the back of the Silvers, it made the race a little more interesting in terms of finding positions to pass, Paul Cook tried his best to hold off Pip Homer in the McLaren, eventually doing so and finishing in 4th Position to Pip Homers 8th place position in Race 1 for the silver class.

Christian Voss in the Purple and Yellow, Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo and Victor Jansen in the Black and White, Mercedes-AMG GT3 EVO were next to duke it out all race in an attempt to find out who had the pace, only finishing a few seconds away from each other at the end of the race, with Voss taking 6th and Jansen taking 7th, the 2 drivers followed each other through every pass, with fantastic close racing on display.

Ryan Ware did eventually close down onto the back of Peter Stokes in his Gulf Racing Bentley Continental GT3 however, and with only a few laps left, managed to find a move coming down through the start finish straight to claim the first place position overall in the race.

It wasn’t over yet in terms of position swapping as Ian Watkins in the British Racing Green Aston Martin overtook Matthew Mansell for 6th place position overall, claiming himself 18 points for the effort.

TPC S9 Dash1 03
Battles in the ring!
Photo Credit: Ryan Ware

As the chequered flag waved, it was Ryan Ware who took first place overall.

With the class results being:

Pros, Peter Stokes in first, Ian Watkins second, Pree Masand picking up 0 points due to failure to finish the race after losing the car in the Schumacher S.  

Silvers, Ryan Ware in first, Roland Racz in second and Sebastian Leinmuller picking up 3rd place after fighting through the pack.

AMs, Fernando Gonzalez picking up first, Thomas Brockers picking up second, and due to failure to follow the stewards rulings, Sebastian Libbra picked up a DSQ penalty, losing out on points in the first race.

The overall results for race one ended with Ryan in first, Peter Stokes in second and Roland Racz in 3rd place position.

There is still places left in the championship, for more information, head on over to our championship page and access our discord to talk to our helpful community if you need any help at all!

That’s all from this weeks text recap, to find the full highlights, head on over to our YouTube channel:

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