Choosing The Right Assists To Be Faster In ACC

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Like most drivers, you probably set up the Assists initially and forgot about it afterwards. However, you may want to take another look to make sure you set up everything perfectly to optimize your performance.

Battle Silverstone

Gearbox: Always set it to manual. Already at low skill levels, you’ll be faster with manual shifting. If you still don’t drive with it, get used to it ASAP!

Clutch: I have set it on automatic. You don’t lose any time by doing so, and the only drawback would be if a server forces a manual clutch. Then prepare for engine stalling if you don’t press the clutch. In any case, make sure you have assigned the function to a pedal or lever!

Engine Start: You will be faster if you set it to manual, as the automatic engine start procedure takes a bit longer, as well as stopping it when you are doing a pitstop.

Wiper: Similar to the clutch. Set it to automatic and you’ll be just fine, with the perfect wiping speed in any conditions.

Wipers, a helpful tip! If you want an extra tip, however, Assetto Corsa Competizione’s rain refresh rate depends on your wiper speed, so if it’s raining and you want less rain on your windscreen, use manual and set it to the lowest setting, no matter if it’s a thunderstorm or light rain!

Lights: Again, the same reasoning as Wiper and Clutch. Set to automatic and forget about fiddling with the lights. Keep in mind you can set the wipers and lights in the Electronics MFD, even if you didn’t map any button to them.

Pit Limiter: I have it set to manual, but this doesn’t give as much advantage, or rather is more difficult to squeeze some time out of it. Set to personal preference.

Stability Control Level: As most servers prohibit it anyway, better get used to driving without it.

Ideal line: Same as stability control. Also, you’ll never really get fast if you need it, as it will distract you from looking where you need to.

Assists ACC

For the realism settings, you should set it up to what most servers do. Otherwise, you won’t be practising in real conditions when you are offline:

Damage Rate: 100%
Tyre/Fuel Consumption: Enabled
Tyre sets: Limited
Brake temperature: Enabled
Formation lap: ThePitCrew sets all races with Full Formation laps. Other servers may not do that.
Penalties: Enabled

Realism ACC

In the comments below, let us know what you think is the best tip from the list above!

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