Set up your FFB like a PRO

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Whilst lots of drivers just concentrate on the car setup, getting your Wheel setup correctly is as important, if not even more, as it will affect every car you drive.


Some settings will depend on user preference, but there are good starting bases depending on what wheelbase you’re using. I was about to write a long post about it, but instead go read this article from Driver61 that explains it perfectly. Let this post be a compilation of useful information around FFB settings.

If you’re using a Fanatec wheelbase, you may also want to take a look here:

There is also one particular setting that you have to set to the same value in game as on your wheelbase controller software: the steering lock. If you don’t want to change it every time you use another car, set it up at 900° for both. The game will automatically adapt it for each car, making that your wheel and the wheel in the car (cockpit view) turn synchronously.

If you want to have the soft lock on your car (i.e. the wheel “locks” when you reach the maximum steering angle for that specific car) then you have to use the values of the car you are driving for both your wheel and the game. Take a look at this Coach Dave Academy tutorial to see what is the steering lock of your car.

You can also just check out my in game settings. They might not be the best, but for sure a good and solid base to start from. I’m using a Fanatec CSL DD 8Nm. Remember, there is no “perfect” FFB setting, in the end you will be faster with what you’re used to. So decide for a setting and stick with it. Small changes shouldn’t be a big deal, but you won’t find the settings that better suit you if you’re constantly changing it.


In case you still want to have a more in deep knowledge about FFB settings and how it works on Assetto Corsa Competizione, watch this video of Aristotelis Vasilakos, the Head of Vehicle & Handling R&D at Kunos Simulazioni.

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