PitSkill – Unranked and March Update

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


We’ve made some massive improvements to PitSkill since the release at the start of March, and we want to fill you in with what we’re thinking…

We’re always open to ideas and feedback so don’t forget to vote on what you’d like us to prioritise going forwards and give us some extra ideas:-


There’s more to come including (some short, some long-term and some very-long):

What’s Coming?

– Driver Searching

– Profile Customisation

– Incident Management

– Safety Rating

What we’ve done so far:


– Dynamic OG images for your driver profile when pasting a link to your license in Discord. (Go to your license, take the url and paste in Discord!) 

– Increased the compression quality of screenshots uploaded for skins from 70% to 80%

– New hotlap leaderboard filtering to create a more condensed area 

– Added Class filtering in hotlap leaderboard 

– Added SEO elements such as sitemap 

– On mobile, center driver number and flag in license

– Website is now open for public access 

– Pages now accessible publicly (Leaderboards, user profiles)

– Liveries now show the author with a link to their profile

– A minimum of 10 registrations is now required for the event to be “official” for ranking, this is across ALL classes. 

– Ranking now runs automatically every hour. 

– All previous events have now been re-generated based on these rules which may mean that your rating has changed.

– Events page

 – – Ability to browse all TPC events/champs 

– – Ability to register for TPC events/champs

 – – Prequalifying tables + info displayed

 – – Allow easier filtering of events by type / tags 

– – Shows links to the live streams on events page

– – PitRating classes now have “sub classes” such as “Silver l, Silver ll” (check your licence to see yours today)

– Navigation updates to be more mobile-friendly / smoother

– Events listing page not defaults to show Champs/Series (extra filters can be added for eval races) 

– Url for events listing page holds your current filters so you can share links more easily  

– Added the current fastest lap per hotstint rule so drivers can see what time they need to get 

– Added link to rules and regulations in each event

– Champ pre-qualifying now shows MIN and MAX pR needed for a championship. (go check events you are registered)

– New improved signup process that takes you through registering on SGP and linking steam 

– Added PitPace to your license (this is your pace in a race instead of JUST finish position) 

– Drivers are now ranked by their “PitSkill”, this is a combination of your PitRating + PitPace. Get taken out in a race? Try and get that fastest lap to help recover some points! 

– Championship pre-qualifying requirements may not include a min/max pitpace

– Champ/Event cards have been redesigned to include live stream button 

– Champ/Event cars now include registrations for ALL events 

– Liveries page includes the car the livery is for 

– Leader boards include the new cars from the recent DLC 

– New “unranked” event listing page 

– New SEO for champ/events page (try sending a link to a champ to a friend!)

– FAQ page for an explanation of the rating system (https://pitskill.thepitcrew.co.uk/faq)

– Added PitPace to license graph + table (Patreon Only)

– Unranked, PitCoach and TEAM races no longer apply to your driver’s license stats, so you can go and have fun in UNRANKED events!

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