How to improve with MoTeC – Live Coaching

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Season 9 Coaching

Ever wondered how to use the MoTec data that ACC provides you in order to squeeze that last tenth you need to find for a great lap time? Well, this can be your perfect opportunity!


On Tuesday the 7th of September 17:00UTC we’re offering a free MoTec coaching session via Discord, where one of our coaches will share their screen and explain where to look at in MoTec to see what setup changes are needed and what driving mistakes can be seen from the data. To make it more interesting, some of our fastest PRO drivers will provide their data, which we will compare to the first 3 AM/BEG PitSkill rated drivers that also send their data!

This is a special coaching event of many others that will be held in The Pit Crew; we intend to organize regular group coaching events before PitSkill Daily races in order to boost up the speed of our community drivers, as well as occasional 1 on 1 coaching sessions depending on the availability of our coaches.

If you’re struggling to get faster and are not sure what to improve, you came to the right place! Here you will learn from the fastest drivers and steadily improve your PitSkill ranking until you’re able to race against the best.

Make sure you react to the post in #coaching-opt-in channel in our discord server to be able to see more details in #coaching-announcements, access to the #coaching-chat where you can submit your Motec data and participate in this and future coaching sessions, which will also be on different tracks!

How do I get involved?

All you have to do to be involved is be around at 17:00UTC on our discord server where our coaches will open the stage and you can tune in live! Questions will be available at the end for you to ask any questions you may have!

We look forwards to seeing you there!

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