NEW! Laguna Seca Multiclass FUNdurance – 2021

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This month, we’re heading overseas to the United States of Freedom for a FUNdurance event, which is very similar to an Endurance event, however for drivers looking for a more casual take.

Find out about our other FUNdurance events when this one is finished at our FUNdurnace page:

Laguna Seca – Fundurance Poster

How big can the teams be?

Teams of 1-2 drivers are allowed to partake in the event, so come and see if you’ll get a trick, or a treat with a friend, build a livery and run it for a 2hr race around Laguna Seca, with live commentary at!

No tricks in store this time, but the weather will be randomised live on twitch before the race!

What is a fundurance?

A fundurance event is where all of our stewards and staff are also invited to be out on track, joining in the FUN, which means there’s no live-stewarding, however as always drivers must follow our rules and regulations!

Pre-qualifying Information

Drivers must pre-qualify as per a team hot-stint format, which will be open before the event, allowing for all drivers to get some practice lapping on track, as well as set their “Team Stint” times for the grid formations.

Drivers who have to change their drivers after the qualifying closes will have to serve a “Pit Start” which means they’re unable to hit DRIVE when on the grid, this is to ensure that anyone who changes drivers isn’t getting an unfair advantage subbing in a driver who is much faster than the team stint that they did to qualify to get themselves into the FUNdurance grid.

Race Information

The race will have a 10-minute practice session beforehand to ensure everyone is on the grid and registering to their cars, the main driver who signed up to must join the server first, as it will NOT be restarted unless a lot of teams have an issue, this is because the race is a FUNdurance event, and we don’t want the event to continue on far too long.

After the practice, a 2hr race will start with a rolling lap as per standard ACC starts.

What about incidents?

Incidents as always are reportable if there is any intentional driving to ruin another’s experience, we will operate a 0 tolerance policy as we always have here at ThePitCrew and all incidents can be reported to the post-race stewards.

Team Information

Teams of up to 2 drivers can participate in this race!

How do I sign up?


You must be a member of our discord to be accepted.

Signup is first come first served and you must have done a qualifying lap on the looping practice that will run up until the event to get into the race server, if there is an overwhelming signup amount, we will be removing drivers who are outside of 110% of the class leaders lap time, so ensure you put in some practice!

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