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Welcome to the “Survey Says” post, where we go through everything that everyone submitted in our Surveys that run every season so we can give the drivers of the leagues and community, exactly what they want to see in the next season and tell you what we’ve done to make it better for our drivers, let us know your comments below of what change you like/dislike the most!

Did the community meet the drivers expectations?

We had a lot of submissions, from drivers driving in our Assetto Corsa Cupra Cup, to drivers driving in our GT3 Sprint Cup that’s been running for nearly 5 seasons now, and we’ve got to admit, that on the whole, 98.3% of the drivers that filled in the survey said that the community met their expectations coming in, with 87.9% looking to join our championships, we have a large base of drivers who are looking to race in a weekly format!

What do our drivers want to drive?

We also asked, “When you found ThePitCrew, what did you want to drive?” and 46.6% said that they were looking for endurance races of 6-24hr in length, and 51.7% said that they were looking to drive the fundurance races that we’ve run ever since the community was first founded, so we’re happy to announce, we will be focusing a lot of time in 2022 in creating some of the larger endurance races, so keep your eyeballs peeled for the announcement which will be out in January 2022!

We also asked, what games drivers want to drive, and with a massive 91.4% answering Assetto Corsa Competizione, it’s clear, that the game that’s taken the simracing community by storm over the last 2 years has no sight of stopping, which is why we’re happy to provide more Assetto Corsa Competizione leagues, championships and endurance races in the future, only 8.6% of drivers answered Assetto Corsa, which is sad to see, however, we won’t be letting it go, and will still have one or 2 championships and events to come in the future, so don’t go anywhere yet Assetto Corsa drivers!

Assetto Corsa Competizione Championships

We asked, what would drivers want to see in terms of Ideal length for a championship, and based on the results, the ideal format was 7-8 races in a calendar, which we’ll keep in mind for 2022, however as Season 10 is an interesting one in the fact that it runs right up until Christmas, we also asked what drivers would prefer us to do for the Season 10 calendar, the following was the answer!

Run a shorter season, ending just before Christmas and a new, 2022 season starting in January!

Well, we’re happy to announce, that we’ve solidified the calendar for the end of 2021 thanks to your input on the Survey, since you’re interested in our developments in the community, we’re opening sign-ups for everyone who reads this post before they’ve gone live for all other drivers on the 1st of November, so keep reading, and reserve your spot on the grid!

Attendance Requirement Changes

We’re removing attendance requirements, in favour of a better approach for signups, we now collect your past attendance, PitSkill, and BWP information as well as the information you give us when signing up to the championship and use this to prioritise slots that we hand out in championships especially if they’re streamed, which will help us in ensuring the grids stay full and clean.

The 2021 Season 10 Weekday Calendar

We’re opening the championships to everyone that has a PitSkill rating that means, that as long as you have a rating, you can race in any of the championships, dependant on driver numbers, we’ll then be splitting those championships up either by class inside one championship or creating a new split with a separate grid, completely dynamic and based on your PitSkill score, and the driver numbers signed up!

This will mean that points are able to be fought for by everyone, and will remove the issue of fighting for nothing, the more drivers sign up, the more splits there will be!

Season 10 Full Calendar Release Date

The full calendar will be released on the 31st of October 2021, live on twitch, during our Fundurance for Halloween, so be sure to join the stream before the race, to find out exactly what tracks we’ll be running in all of our leagues!

All championships will consist of 5 rounds each, with the season starting on the 15th of November, and ending on the 17th of December!

Monday – GT4 Sprint Championship

KTM vs
GT4 Sprint Championship is back!

Consisting of 5 rounds around some of the best tracks for close, GT4 action in Assetto Corsa Competizione, the GT4 Sprint Championship is the perfect opportunity to try out the cars for the first time!

We wanted to ensure that every day had something new for drivers to race in, so we brought back the old favourite, of the GT4 Sprint Championship, and based on the driver numbers, we hope to take it into 2022!

Tuesday – Porsche Cup Challenge

805550 20210921191209 1
Porsche Cup Challenge is here!

We’ve been asked for a Porsche Cup championship for a long time, well with the shorter season, this was the perfect opportunity, allowing everyone to have the best environment to tame the beast that is the Porsche Cup!

Wednesday – GT3 Sprint Cup

TPC S9 Dash1 04
GT3 Sprint Championship, back for another season!

The Wednesday GT3 Sprint Cup is back once again, this time, we’re changing the format up a little bit and adding in a 1hr30minute race halfway through the season, read more about the GT3 Sprint Cup when we fully announce the calendar on the 1st of November!

Friday – GT3 and GT4 Championship

Porsche Cayman 718 - Assetto Corsa Competizione
An old favourite, with a new twist… The GT3 and GT4Challenge

If you’ve driven in our FUNdurance series, you’ll know the format for this championship, however, instead of 2hr long races, they will be 1hr30min, aimed at drivers who want longer races all season, we’re opening this up for Solo Drivers, as well as Teams of 2, there will be no penalties for driving solo, however, all cars MUST pit for tyres and fuel, with teams having to swap drivers as well!

Signups are now open for all of these leagues as a thank you for staying in touch with new developments from the community, keep reading for the link!

The 2021 Season 10 Weekend Calendar

GT3 Beginners Cup

The GT3 Beginners Cup will be back once again, however, we will be changing the format up a little bit for this, so await the post from Callum Bethell for all the information you need!

Season 10 Signups

The moment you’ve been waiting for, and as a thank-you, for reading this post in its entirety we’re opening signups nice and early for you, so head on over to the following link ( you must be signed in to see it ) and you can sign up for next season!


You need to have completed your PitCrew Profile to be able to sign up, the button will then display below, this currently, is the only way to sign up for Season 10, until the public signups open on the 1st of November!

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