How To: Driver Swap Races on in ACC

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our new series, How To, detailing some common questions we get regarding some of the stuff that we run here at ThePitCrew, this guide, will cover everything you need to know about getting into a driver swap race on!

For this one, we’ll be going over how to get Registered, Join and Qualify for one of our Driver Swap/Team Events!

Registering a new team – Primary Driver

If you’re registering a team, you will be the driver that is REQUIRED to join the server first, failing to do so will not allow your team to complete the event, so ensure you know which driver is the primary driver!

Head over to the event on and select your car from the list of available, these are sometimes split by car classes, or driver categories, pick the ones that suit you.

Driver Categories

Once you’ve selected your category, scroll down and you can see the list of available cars to choose from!

Car Choices

Click the “Register Team” button to start creating your team, note, the information you put in here will be required when you ask your second driver to sign up, so keep it safe!

Team Registration

Team Name – The Team Name field can be anything you want, please keep it appropriate for streaming.

Race Number – This will be the car number your car uses in the race and is unique.

PIN – This is required for any driver to enter your team.

Example Inputs

Once input, click confirm, you’re now signed up and can check your signup status in the “Teams” tab!

Joining a Team – Secondary Drivers

If you’re a secondary driver, looking to join a team, this is where the above PIN is required!

For every team in the event, there’s a + in a circle, which when you hover over allows you to join that team, a “Team Password” will be requested, this is the team PIN that the Primary Driver input, so you will require to ask them what it is!

Join team Buttons

If the team is full, no button will show for you to join that team.

Qualifying for Team Events with pre-qualifying

If the event runs Pre-Qualifying, all drivers MUST complete the pre-qualifying, your average time will be used against your TEAM, otherwise, you will not be able to race in the event, depending on the event, the pre-qualifying is different, for ENDURANCE races it’s usually ~103% and for FUN-DURANCE races, it’s usually ~107%!

To qualify in the event, you will be required to join the “Practice Server” listed on, where our qualifying bot will capture your lap data and post a table into the events channel 4 times a day, Patreons are able to request extra tables from the bot.

Pre-Qualifying Information

The Pre-Qualifying will end, roughly 1hr before the event starts to ensure that it’s run correctly, at this point, no laps will be logged anymore.

RACE DAY – Joining the Server

When the race server is open, you can use the server details from to enter the server.

Server Details

The grid will be sorted by pre-qualifying order once you get into the race session, and the primary driver must drive first ( the one with the crown in )

Example of a Primary Driver

If the team fails to join the server in the correct order, they will not be able to race, as their car will be “desynced” the only way to fix this, is for the whole team to leave, and the PRIMARY DRIVER to rejoin and click “drive” to get in the car.

If it then still fails, the team is then unable to participate in the race.

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