Alisa Long awarded not 1, but 2 promotions!

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

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Following some epic battles in the ACR leagues with TFrag and Mach, Alisa Long embarked pretty early onto the boat. Very active on our Discord Server from the start, she joined us as a standard member and fan but quickly took on some responsibilities. In July, she became part of the stewards’ team, reviewing incidents and ensuring that the clean racing of ThePitCrew was upheld; fans of rFactor 2 can thank her for running a looping endurance practice server since mid-September.

Of course, you can often see her on track as well, usually picking some Japanese cars with beautiful liveries; Guess who smashed our ears in the British GT3 Championship with the roaring engine of a Toyota FT1 Concept GT GT3? Yup, that was our one and only Alisa, and to say if she genuinely is Japanese, you will have to ask her yourself…

Anyway, the PitCrew community is blessed with fresh and exciting news! Alisa Long was granted a double promotion in the ranks of our staff, which she absolutely deserves due to her hard work and perseverance!

A leader…

From race steward, Alisa has officially earned the rank of the head steward. Managing a stewarding team requires deep knowledge of our rules and regulations, a spoonful of authority, as well as a fair and strong ability to make the right call. All boxes were ticked for Alisa to get the job, especially as she helped to forge the rules and regulations which are in place today!

She will help guide the way forwards for the stewarding teams in all our future events, ensuring that all live stewards are ready to roll and are all on the same page. Of course, it is now her responsibility to recruit any future stewards that the PitCrew community would need to maintain our clean racing with both live and post-race stewarding. If you’re interested in such a role, feel free to contact Alisa on our discord server!

… and a team player !

As if it was not enough for Alisa to enjoy herself racing with us and shine amongst the community, she also answered a sudden call from many of the community members! It was on one sunny afternoon at Spa-Francorchamps where PitCrewTV Twitch live chat pointed out how Terry badly needed some racecraft knowledge support… All jokes aside, TFrag makes it for awesome live commentary with his play-by-play, but he’s still got tons to do and admits lacking some sharp analysis on how some cars handle, for example, the RSS F3 used in one of our Season 3 championships!

That is why we are proud to announce that Alisa Long will be joining the commentary booth for the weekly RSS F3 championship! From now on, every Wednesday night at 7 pm BST, there will be a new guest commentator in the house! If you have any interrogations about DRS use, corner grip or throttle management on this epic single-seater car, there will be someone to get back at you with an accurate answer! How great is that? Come by the stream and see if you can find a question she cannot answer!

I think we can all agree that Terry and Alisa will make such a good team guiding us through those races. Plus, PitCrewTV might be the first sim-racing league to offer mixed commentary on an entire championship, proving how much we care about diversity and involving women in our community and sim racing generally. So, without further ado and from all of us here at ThePitCrew, Welcome to the booth, Alisa!

You can now view the first duo-cast between Alisa and TFrag below!

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