GT4 Sprint League – Mondays

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


Mondays of Season 4 of our Assetto Corsa Competizione leagues will be the host of a one-class GT4 Championship, bringing close racing for all of those drivers who are looking to either get their first taste of GT4 action or are a GT4 only driver.

Slots are kept to a standard of 24 to allow for some breathing room around some of the smaller tracks we have chosen, the 24 slots we have set are for

Signups are handled on race-app and the link and password to do so are at the bottom of this article.

NOTE: All drivers must follow our freshly updated for Season 4 rules and regulations throughout every event and applying means that you have read and understood these.

This league will be live cast on our twitch channel at!


League Rounds
Round One – Brands Hatch – 16th November 2020
Round Two – Zandvoort – 23rd November 2020
Round Three – Zolder – 30th November 2020
Round Four – Laguna Seca – 7th December 2020
Round Five – Kyalami – 14th December 2020

With the inclusion of Kyalami and Laguna Seca you are now required to have the Intercontinental DLC pack installed, this can be purchased through steam:

Race Day Timings and Format

All times in UTC.

Practice: 19:00-19:20 ( 20 Minutes )
Qualifying: 19:20-19:35 ( 15 Minutes )
Race 1: 19:40-20:00 ( 20 Minutes )
Race 2: 20:00-20:20 ( 20 Minutes )

Server Information

Temperature: 19C Ambient
Weather Randomness: 2 ( Hopefully some rain this time! )
Time Multiplier: x1 (x2 Race)
Practice Start Time: 12:00 Ingame Time
Qualifying Start Time: 13:00 Ingame Time
Race One Start Time: 14:00 Ingame Time
Race Two Start Time: 15:00 Ingame Time
Pit Stops: 0 Mandatory

Skins: No custom skins outside of ACC ingame are allowed.

Remember, you need to be in the required channels to be able to sign up to the championship, information can be found in “Season-4-FAQ” channel.

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