Custom Skin Submission Guidelines

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We’ve been asked a lot about how to submit custom skins to our leagues, championships and events here at ThePitCrew and we’re hoping the following guides will allow for you to understand what is required, but firstly some ground rules:

  1. Try and keep skin submissions as high quality but low file size as possible, not everyone needs 4k skins with a 1GB download per skin.
  2. Ensure that all skins follow the twitch terms of service and community guidelines this is to ensure that when broadcasting none of the skins break the broadcasting rules.

When submitting a skin to our leagues and events, we currently use a dropbox system of requests at the bottom of our league information posts, upload your full SKIN folder to this, which must include the following:

Assetto Corsa

Windshield Banner

You must include the windshield banner with our logo on it if the car allows a windshield banner, an example of this is below, the logo has to be the main “focul” subject of the banner although the colours are allowed to be singular or as below, the following colours are to be used:

Red: #f65945
White: #ededed
Blue: #0d2133

Banner Clearly shown on Ginetta G40 Junior

Number Plates

Number Plate Link including FONT:

Number Plates have to be clearly defined in the following parts of the car and can be downloaded from the link above.

  1. Bonnet
  2. Rear Quarter Panel on both Sides
image 1
Number Plate Example

For open wheel cars such as the RSS 3 V6, the number plate only needs to be on the main body between the 2 front wheels in the font from above such as:

image 2
Front main body Numberplate

The rear wing can have the number in helvetica on the back, but no requirement for the number plate from above such as the following:

image 3
Rear Wing end numberplate (optional)

Window Numbers
For cars supporting numbers on the window, these must be filled in, for example the BTCC cars, and if done so, the numberplates on the side and bonnet are optional, although the window banner IS NOT.

image 4

The “11 Austin” and “11” on the front window need replacing to match your number.

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