MX5 CUP League – Thursdays

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


ThePitCrew Season 4 signups are now live, with yet more Assetto Corsa MX5 Cup action with fixed action and the return of the ballast system, that’s right!

We’re running another season and are expecting this one to be just as close, if not closer than last season with increased ballasts and the return of the fixed setup system!

NOTE: All drivers must follow our freshly updated for Season 4 rules and regulations throughout every event and applying means that you have read and understood these.

This league will be live cast on our twitch channel at!


League Rounds
Round One – Silverstone National – 19th November 2020
Round Two – Cadwell Park – 26th November 2020
Round Three – Redbull Ring National – 3rd December 2020
Round Four – Nurburgring Sprint – 10th December 2020
Round Five – Highlands Short – 17th December 2020

Race Day Timings

All times in UTC.

Practice: 20:30-20:45 ( 15 Minutes )
Qualifying: 20:45-21:00 ( 15 Minutes )
Race One: 15 Laps
Race Two: 15 Laps – Grid Positions formed from First Race


The ballast system from last season will be getting doubled as we feel it took a little too long to come into place, so the following system will be in place:

First Place – 20KG
Second Place – 15KG
Third Place – 10KG

Car Assists/Settings

Setup Type: Locked aside from Fuel & Tyre Pressure
ABS Allowed: Factory
Traction Control Allowed: Factory
Stability Control Allowed: Off
Auto Clutch Allowed: Off
Tyre Blankets Allowed: On

Server Settings

Fuel Rate: 100%
Damage Multiplier: 100%
Tyre Wear Rate: 100%
Surface Preset: Optimum
Session Grip Start: 100%
Randomness: 0%
Session Transfer: 100%
Lap Gain: 700

Remember, you need to be in the required channels to be able to sign up to the championship, information can be found in “Season-4-FAQ” channel.

Skin Submissions:

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