PitSkill.io V2 and Season 17

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Welcome everyone to Season 17 and Version 2 of PitSkill.io, we’ve made some rather major changes to how PitSkill operates, not just the ranking systems, but also, where the servers run and how you sign up to them!

PitSkill goes Self Managed

We’ve been with SGP for over 2 years now and are very thankful for everything that they’ve provided for us; however, as our ranking systems have developed, a lot of the features we wanted to implement were no longer going to be straightforward to implement for our users, you! to use.

We decided late last year to look at alternatives and came to the realisation that we needed to become self-managed and self-sufficient to make the User Experience (UX) much easier for everyone!

We’ll be releasing some blog posts and updating the FAQ pages with all the changes so you can read in-depth exactly what we’ve changed, the biggest change is to the PitRep system!

New Hourly and Dailies

Starting after PitSkill v2, we will now be able to configure and provide Hourly and Daily races easily, these will be the “entry point” for rookies to race in to increase their ratings to race in our Weeklies, Leagues and when there are enough drivers signing up, endurance as well!

The new hourly and daily format is:

ACC Hourly Race – 25min GT3

Race Configuration:
Race – 25min
Runs every hour
Follows the same track as the rest of the season.
Currently, no minimum driver count to boot.

The hourly race will race on the same track as the current season throughout season 17, so you can get used to the track and train your skills ready for the daily every day at 7 pm UTC.

ACC Daily Race – 45min GT3

Race Configuration:
Race – 45min
Fixed refueling & 1 mandatory stop & 2 limited tyre sets & changeable weather
Runs once a day, every day!

This allows you to get a few hourly races in before the “big event” of the day unless you’re racing in leagues!

The daily will still follow the same track as the current season throughout Season 17 and also replaces the Monday “Open Advanced” as it uses the same format that was popular in those races!

Leagues go C Class

PitSkill.io leagues will now be C Class, that’s the “Weekend Warrior” and “GT3 Wednesday World Challenge Trophy” (We should really make that name shorter..) which means that if you want to race in leagues, you’ll have to prove yourself “safe enough” in the hourly and daily races first, but don’t worry, you’ll gain PitRep (Safety Rating) much quicker than previously now thanks to our brand new PitRep system which makes it easier at the lower levels to gain but a lot harder at the top levels to maintain!

Season 17 Calendar

image 39

Now we know you’ve all been asking “but what’s the calendar for season 17?” well, here you have it!

Week 0 – Testing Week – Watkins Glen
Week 1 – COTA
Week 2 – Mount Panorama
Week 3 – Paul Ricard
Week 4 – Misano
Week 5 – Brands Hatch
Week 6 – Zandvoort | Valencia 4hr Special Event
Week 7 – Suzuka
Week 8 – Zolder
Week 9 – Donington Park
Week 10 – Spa
Week 11 – ValenciaBRAND NEW ACC DLC!
Week 12 – Silverstone

Season 17 Weekly Series/Leagues

Mondays – Replaced with Daily – Series

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/gt3-daily-ranked-series-45min-62171cd1-948a-4fd8-87ed-8424fb37b222

As this was our most popular series, we thought: “Why should we restrict the format only to Mondays?” So we made the new Daily Series mimic the race length, fixed time refuelling pitstop and limited tyre sets!

Now you can race the Mondays GT3 Advanced series every day of the week; however, we still expect Mondays to have the highest skill level and attendance!

Tuesdays – SimQuips Porsche Cup – Series

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/01c9ea66-91f8-4b24-b211-ac8184bdb5d6

The Porsche Cup is back, and this time, it’s sponsored by https://www.youtube.com/@SimQuips and will be live broadcasted by https://www.youtube.com/@Roy_Weller!

Wednesdays – GT3 World Challenge Trophy – Championship

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/s17-gt3-world-challenge-trophy

The Season 17 GT3 World Challenge Trophy is here and if Season 16 was anything to go by; one of the most competitive ever and this time, there are no limits on the number of drivers who have achieved C Class who can sign up thanks to our new matchmaking system; however only the best of the best will get into the live streamed and live stewarded, Division 1!

Wednesdays – Americas Challenge – Championship

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/4dee038b-188e-47a5-9b21-dc59b088e7dc

The Second Season of the Americas Challenge is back; racing at times that suit the Americas Time zones, the perfect league for those across the waters!

Saturdays – GT3 Weekend Warrior – Championship

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/s17-gt3-weekend-warrior

The Weekend Warrior from last season is back! This time, we’re restricting it to C Class and above, however, it should be easier than ever to get to C Class, but hard to stay there; however once signed up for the championship, your spot is secured unless you sign out!

Sundays – GT3 Amateurs Double Dash – Series

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/s17-gt3-amateurs-double-dash

The GT3 Amateurs Double Dash is back; allowing you to race weekly for points if you’re under <1750 PitSkill; but don’t worry, if you’re above it, you can still join, you just won’t reap the point rewards in the series!

Season 17 – Endurance and Special Events

20th May 2023 – 4hrs of Valencia

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/9ee6cd32-352a-47bf-869d-ddab5b8d7935

The 4hrs of Valencia is our Special Event this season and will kick off our brand new “special events” system; where every 6 weeks during the season there will be a 4hr Endurance race to allow for those drivers who don’t particularly like sprint races to also take part in endurance races and increase their PitRep and PitSkill!

1st July 2023 – 12hrs of Silverstone

Sign up: https://pitskill.io/series/12-hours-of-silverstone

The 12hrs of Silverstone is our End of Season Endurance event this season, with a 2x Race Time multiplier and matching the start time in the local timezone, it’ll be an interesting race, that much is for sure!

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