Season 16 – Weekly, Daily and Leagues

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


2023 is here, and we’re ready for another season FILLED with races, and we mean, FILLED, we’ve been recruiting over the winter break and we’ve brought on a bunch of new event organisers and managers so much so, that we’re now offering 3 10 week leagues throughout the season, with best of rounds in all of them, as well as our weekly events, the Porsche Cup, M2, GT3 Advanced Open and GT3 Amateur Weekly Series!

Let’s have a look at the changes coming up to Season 16 at, which you can get involved in and race every single day of the week thanks to our ranking systems, and stewarding systems and get your liveries on the track thanks to PitSync going completely free for everyone to use, even if your league isn’t hosted on PitSkill, your league can still use it completely free, like many already have done!

Website Changes – Steam Login

No longer do you NEED to log in via discord, instead, we’ve activated steam login for everybody, meaning that when you log in, your steam account automatically links up, this is to allow people who just wish to use the site for hot laps/PitSync to not have to worry about joining SGP or Discord, making it a much more user-friendly experience.

If you have any trouble with linking back to your previous account or if you never added a steam account to it, let us know via our discord server and we’ll look into it for you!

Website Changes – New Seasons Page

Partway through season 16, we will be deploying a brand new “seasons page” which will list what runs when, and what tracks are on and will upgrade the current season’s page to give you a tonne more information!

Keep an eye out on the current season’s page for a fresh, new look!

The “PitSkill Week”

The PitSkill Week starts on a Thursday, every week a brand new track for all of our series, leagues, daily races and endurance events, mark it in your diary or check out our Seasons Page for more info!

The easiest way to see what’s up next is our new “Up Next” page, which details when a race is, how many signups and its “expected runtime” including practice, qualifying and race plus overtime/formation laps.

Changes to Ranked Daily Races on ACC

We’ve made some improvements and restructuring for Season 16 of our Ranked Daily Races, to try and give a format that you can race in all night, as well as allow for people who want to improve their ratings quickly or take a longer sprint race. We’ve made it so you can race in every single race every day if you so wish, allowing you to get up to speed quickly on that week’s track, ready for the weekly series that day if you so wish to race in it, or take on another Daily Race if you don’t like the car/track combo!

The changes also allow you to quickly upgrade your PitRep (Safety Rating) to a higher class to compete in the many leagues we have running across the season, including the brand new “Weekend Warrior” league on Saturday and the “GT3 Americas Challenge” running on Wednesday at 8EST, meaning we now have a progression of championships/leagues for everyone, as these get more popular, class requirements will start to be implemented for these leagues!

Split Races

We will also NOT be splitting races on SGP, as it confused drivers, all series will now be first come first served, so sign up to which races you want to drive to reserve your slots, as well as show other drivers that the race is popular, remember, the bigger the grids and the higher the SOF, the more points you could get!

New Daily Structure

Dynamic Point Structure

All dailies now have Dynamic Point Structuring, meaning that it’s based on grid size and your PitSkill (ELO) rating, which means, the bigger the grids and stronger the grids, the more points you have a chance of scoring throughout the season, so invite your friends, finish high and claim the Daily Champion role in discord from season 16!

PitSkill – GT3 Super Sprint – 1800 UTC & EST

Maximum Grid Size: 32

Race Length: 20min

Replacing the old Hourly Series which we used to run, is the new 20minute GT3 Daily Super Sprint series, which will see everyone take their GT3 machines out for a race around the Weekly Seasons track, in an attempt to gather points for the Series Championship, each week will have a changing track on Thursday and the best race of the track will contribute to your point total!

PitSkill – GT3 Daily Sprint – 1845UTC & EST | 2000UTC & EST

Maximum Grid Size: 32

Race Length: 40min

The tried and tested Daily Series, is returning for Season 16, however with a 5minute reduction to allow for the tyre change strategy to be a bit more… questionable following the same track as the GT3 Daily Super Sprint Series, you’ll be able to have double the race length and double the fun, track changes every Thursday and the best race of that track will contribute towards your point total for the season, you’ll have 2 chances per day to score points, at 1845 UTC & EST and 2000UTC & EST, with the EST on US East servers, giving the Americans the best connection available in a ranked, daily racing environment!

Your best race of the week will count towards the overall points that season and there are no “best of/dropped rounds” so racing at least once a week, allows you the best chance to get the most points throughout the season, as only your best race that week counts towards your point total, giving you 12 weeks, to get 12 rounds of points across 7 days!

Changes to Weekly Series on Assetto Corsa Competizione

We’ve specifically tailored our Weekly Series on Assetto Corsa Competizione to allow drivers to “ease” into the Leagues and Championships, a progression of requirements throughout the week, ending in the GT3 World Challenge Trophy at the end of the week and the Porsche Cup series at the end of the Weekly Series, check them out below!

Dynamic Points Structure and “Best Of”/”Dropped Rounds”

All weekly series will follow the Dynamic Point Structure based on the strength of the field by PitSkill (ELO Rating) and Grid Size, this means the more drivers in the races, the more points you can score but, it doesn’t mean that’s the only factor!

We are setting the best of the factor for these weekly series to the best 8 rounds contribute to your points total, so turning up as often as possible and scoring high gives you the best chance of winning the series!

Will you be able to collect all 4 weekly roles from our ranked series this season?

Thursdays – M2 CS Cup Series

The start of the new “PitSkill Week” and weekly series is the much loved BMW M2 CS Cup Series, allowing drivers to take the BMW M2 CS Cup out for a spin around all the tracks, to get up to speed in a car which requires minimal setup adjustments and changes yet will still allow for close, clean, competitive racing!

With a maximum grid size of 32, a 2-minute “practice” (mainly for joining the server), a 15-minute qualifying and a 30-minute race, this will be a fantastic introduction to each week’s track!

Notable Changes for the M2 CS Cup Series

  • 2000 UTC Start Time
  • 30 Minute Races
  • Max 32 Drivers

Fridays – UNRANKED – ST/Ferrari Challenge Series

A brand new, unranked Friday series, for those not looking to gain points, but rather have fun in a new addition to the calendar, the ST / Ferrari Challenge, take it for a spin around the tracks and find out what this car is all about!

There are no official points on offer for this, but it’s a great series for fun and casualness, so jump in and have a fun Friday night!

Sundays – GT3 Amateur Double Dash

The GT3 Amateur Double dash which runs on Sundays, is back, double the action, double the points on offer, and double the dropped races, however only drivers BELOW 1000 PitSkill may score points in this championship, and drivers above 6500 SGP Ranking, will not be able to participate, meaning that the faster drivers should be joining the Daily Race that happens at the same time!

The perfect introduction for all the new drivers to PitSkill, The GT3 Amateur Double Dash will ALWAYS have dry, predictable weather and run at 1400 ingame time, so you can ensure that it matches the hotlap servers, the perfect ground for any driver to drive!

Notable changes:-

  • Only Drivers Below 1000 PitSkill Score points!

Mondays – GT3 Advanced Series

The only series with a CLASS REQUIREMENT this season, this series has changed to a C Class requirement, to match the GT3 World Challenge Trophy League, with a minimum of 2 race requirement on SGP to race in the series to allow for those drivers to understand what the requirement is before racing, as it’s our MOST POPULAR open series, every season!

Notable Changes to the GT3 Advanced Series

  • Minimum of C Class Licence to sign up via PitSkill.
  • 2 Minimum Races within our community on SGP to sign up.
  • Similar Settings to the GT3 World Challenge Trophy ( Perfect for practice ), however slightly shorter!
  • 45 Minute Races
  • 2 Tyre Sets
  • 1 Mandatory Pit Window with 25s of Refueling

Tuesday – Porsche Cup Series

The Tuesday Porsche Cup Series is back, one of our most popular series throughout Season 15.5 saw the much beloved Porsche Cup drive around the world, with no TC this is a series not for the faint-hearted, but likely one of the most rewarding series on the weekly calendar!

  • 30 Minute Race

Season 16 Leagues

Looking for our Season 16 Leagues? Check out the league post here:

Season 16 weekly tracks on Assetto Corsa Competizione

Track Change Day

Every track changes Thursday Morning UTC time, with the new PitSkill Dailies, Weeklies, Championships/Leagues, Endurances and others following the same calendar, this will remain for Season 16!

Season Length

The Season Length for all seasons in 2023 is roughly 12 weeks, aside from the final Christmas Season, which is 4 weeks.

Season 16 Tracks


Week 2 – Misano

Week 3 – Suzuka

Week 4 – Imola

Week 5 – Barcelona

Week 6 – Nurburgring

Week 7 – Hungaroring

Week 8 – Silverstone

Week 9 – Watkins Glen

Week 10 – Laguna Seca

Week 11 – Kyalami

Week 12 – Spa-Francorchamps + SPECIAL EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED

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