Season 19 – Let’s foster the community!

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


We’ve built on Season 18 and made some minor improvements for Season 19 of our Hourly, Daily, and Weekly, Leagues and Endurances here at, with one thing in mind that will stay with us for the life of the platform.

“Community Based, Ranked Racing”

What does this mean?

We’re concentrating on building a community of SimRacers, who want to race together; get to know each other, build friendships and grow together, we don’t want everyone to be “just a number” amongst 10s of thousands of drivers on a platform and never get to know each other, we want to make everyone feel like they have a home, where they know they can drive daily with people that want the same close, clean, competitive experience as them.

How can we help?

As always, you’re able to vote on changes we make going into a season, suggest features, as well as run your own series and events, as shown by CACCL, SimQuips, BBRs endurance events, as well as the Americas team with their championships, and we’re looking to build more on that, if you’d like to get involved in building this platform and making it the greatest COMMUNITY we’d love to hear from you in our discord!

What’s changing from Season 18?

Daily Race Changes

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We ran a poll/survey at the end of last season to see when people drive, what their favourite formats are and when they sign up, there were some interesting results from that poll, including a lot asking for hourly races back, or more time slots for the double dash races.

Clean Race Boost Change

The clean race PitRep boost will be changed to be a flat increase based on race length rather than licence class, making it more important to get a clean race!

Hourly Races are back!

The first major change, as it allows for us to schedule the races easier as well as provide something that drivers have been wanting from the survey from Season 18, is that the double dash series goes HOURLY!

Advanced Daily gets a weather change!

The advanced daily will remain daily, however will have weather mirroring the VIP Challenge that week; perfect practice for the VIP Trophy!

Weekly Series

Mondays – SimQuips ACC Porsche Cup Series

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The SimQuips ACC Porsche Cup Series returns for season 19!

Saturdays – Weekend Warrior, the SOLO/DUO Cup

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Weekend Warrior returns, with a slight format change, instead of 60-minute races with some 3hr races added in, all races will now be 90 minutes long and allow for you to drive solo, or as a duo.

They will still be balanced out in a way that the only real benefit of driving as a duo is that you have a fresh driver in the cockpit after the pit, as well as the ability to introduce a new driver to PitSkill!


GT3 VIP Trophy Changes

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The GT3 VIP Trophy IS BACK and with minimal changes from last season!


  • Slots are still provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, meaning if you want a permanent slot in the championship, you must register quickly.
  • 2 Dropped Rounds – We’ve reduced the dropped rounds BACK down to 2.
  • Attendance Checks are back in play, which will reduce your PitRep by -2.5 for each missed round, as well as adding in any licence boost you may have got for ranking up to the next level.
  • 60minute races with No Refueling & A Mandatory Tyre Change
  • B Class Minimum required to sign up!

GT3 Americas Challenge

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America’s challenge is back; with a slightly different calendar to the EU Series, but the same great format!

The Season 19 Track List

Track List

Week – Track – Start Date – End date

Pre-Season – Indianapolis – 28/09 – 04/10

Week 1 – Paul Ricard – 05/10 – 11/10

Week 2 – Spa – 12/10 – 18/10

Week 3 – Laguna Seca – 19/10 – 25/10

Week 4 – Misano – 26/10 – 01/11

Week 5 – Zandvoort – 02/11 – 08/11

Week 6 – Valencia – 09/11 – 15/11

Week 7 – Barcelona – 16/11 – 22/11

Week 8 – Donnington Park – 23/11 – 29/11

Week 9 – Watkins Glen – 30/11 – 06/12

Week 10 – Kyalami – 07/12 – 13/12

Week 11 (Final Post-Season 19 Week (No VIP Trophy)) – Snetterton – 14/12 – 20/12

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