1967 LeMans | 30th July | Assetto Corsa

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LeMans 1967, you’ve probably heard of the great battles between Ferrari, Ford and Porsche, well do we have a treat for you. The ability to live these battles in full glory, over two and half hours of intense battling between some of the most historic cars in the world.

We want you to be part of the action, so we’re allowing everyone who has all the DLC for Assetto Corsa to sign up, we’ll be taking all these cars around Le Grand Circuit (LeMan’s) complete with hay bales, trees and plenty of other crash hazards. You too can experience just how much of an adrenaline rush it was to drive in the 60’s era of endurance racing!

2.4hrs of grueling battling between 1960’s era cars around the 1967’s Grand Circuit, this will definitely not be a race to miss out on.

Featuring some of the most iconic endurance racing cars in the world, the Ferrari 330, Ford GT40 and Porsche 908 LH, this will indeed be one of the most entrancing races to see brought back to life in Assetto Corsa.

This post season event celebrates the end of our World Endurance Championship Season One and bridges the gap between this and pre-season testing for the next World Endurance Championship, which will have updated physics, sounds, mods and BoP, so will end up with closer and more intense racing than last season!

The special event will be broadcast live on our very own channel:


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