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Specialising in close, clean, competitive racing leagues, we are ThePitCrew, get on the grid and see if you can be our next champion in ACC, AC, iRacing, AMS2 and more!

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

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Season 12

Season 12 is here, what are the changes, what’s new, and how do you sign up? All answered here!

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Amateurs Cup – 2022:P1

Specifically built with Amateurs in mind, learn at your own pace, with drivers of your own pace and grow to race in the World Challenges!

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Solo Multiclass Open Series

Friday Multiclass Endurance is back and this time, for single drivers!

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Cupra Cup

One make championship, with ballast to level the field, perfect for all AC Drivers!

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Beginners Cup

A choice of 3 cars, and set weather throughout the season, perfect for Amateurs to improve their skills!

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Season 9 – The Big Championship Reveal

Welcome to Season 9 of ThePitCrew’s Assetto Corsa and Assetto …

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GT3 Sprint Cup

The “main” event of the week, 1x 60minute sprint with GT3, with multiple classes on grid, who can keep their throttle and head planted?

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GT3 Double Dash

1x Qualifying, 2x Back to Back GT3 Sprint Races, will you come out on top?

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Season 9 – PitSkill Ranked Daily Races on Assetto Corsa Competizione

We’re switching up the format of our PitSkill Ranked Daily Races on Assetto Corsa Competizione, to bring you more variety and more great racing, that will tie in with the new championship formats which we’re creating in season 9!

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Season 8 – GT4 Summer Series

We’re bringing a GT4 Championship back to ThePitCrew, back to the Monday slot where in Season 4 we had the GT4 only championship, this time, we’ll be including some British tracks, as the GT4 Class works perfectly with the British GT tracks released earlier this year!

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BMW M235i

Season 8 – BMW M235i Summer Series

Four rounds, four chances to enjoy the M235i! Taking you …

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Season 8 – AC Cupra Cup

The AC Beginners Cup has had some superb racing since its introduction two seasons ago. However, it is time for the Mini Madness to come to an end, as we change to a new car for our drivers to get to grips with. Replacing the Mini Challenge is the CUPRA Leon Competición. The 2 litre, 340 horsepower engine, coupled with a strong aero package, should mean that the CUPRA is both a touch faster and a touch more predictable than its Mini predecessor.

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Season 8 – ACC Beginners/Amateurs Cup

The ACC Beginners Cup returns for a third season, this …

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Season 8 – GT3 Sprint Series

After 2 succesfull championships of the GT3 Sprints, we’re back …

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Bathurst - Porsche

Season 8 – Multi-Class Bi-Weekly Endurance Series

Everyone that’s been with us since the start knows that …

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Sunday Beginners Cup

ThePitCrew are pleased to announce a brand new format for …

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GT3 & GT4 Multiclass League


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NurburgringCars-Assetto Corsa Competizione

2H of Nurburgring

Nurburgring, the much-beloved track that sadly doesn’t feature the Nordschleife in Assetto Corsa Competizione, but will for our 4h Nordschleife event in Assetto Corsa in November, will be the host of our 9th Assetto Corsa Competizione 2 hour Multi-Class endurance race, this one may prove to be a challenge for our Multi-Class events due to the number of places to pass around the track. Signups are now open and we hope to see you on the grid.

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Assetto Corsa GT4

British GT4 Racing | Season One

British GT4 in Assetto Corsa, right on time to prep …

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GT3 Assetto Corsa

British GT3 Racing | Season One

British GT3 in Assetto Corsa, right on time to prep …

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6H SILVERSTONE | 13th SEP 2020

ThePitCrew are proud to present our first TEAM endurance event, …

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GT3 - Nordschleife

4H Nordschleife Multi-Class Endurance

ThePitCrew are happy to announce our first Endurance race, open to teams of up to 3 drivers and racing on one of the most popular (and for very good reason) tracks in Assetto Corsa, the Nordschleife (endurance cup version)!

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2H of Barcelona – 29th August 2020

Race Date: 29th August 2020 ThePitCrew are running their 8th …

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S2: Double Dash Thursdays!

2 Championship Series 1 Day, it’s double dash Thursday! We …

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GT3 and GT4 Multiclass Endurance is coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione

It’s now official, the release date of the GT4 DLC …

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Zytek LMP2 Driving with headlights on

Naughties World Endurance Championship

The Naughties World Endurance Championship is an Assetto Corsa championship that takes late 2000’s LMP and GT cars around the world to some of the most iconic tracks in the world!

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NurburgringCars-Assetto Corsa Competizione

Bi-Weekly Pickup Championship – ACC

Information and FAQ regarding our Bi-Weekly Pickup Championship on Assetto Corsa Competizione, hosted by

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