Naughties World Endurance Championship

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Welcome to a new blog series, where we’ll go over the current leagues and events ThePitCrew are running and give a little bit more information than is on the events page regarding our leagues and events, todays blog will be regarding our Assetto Corsa Naughties World Endurance Championship featuring late 2000’s cars!

Assetto Corsa Leagues

ThePitCrew currently have 2 leagues/championships running on Assetto Corsa, one is aimed at new beginner drivers to Sim Racing and one is aimed at more experienced drivers, allowing for us to cater to all experiences of Sim Racing, the second of which will be detailed in the following blog post today!

World Endurance Championship

Our “Naughties World Endurance Championship” is made up of 4 classes, LMP1, LMP2, LMGT1 and LMGT2 these each have 5 positions available for drivers to join and are ranked overall and by class, these are a “throwback” to late 2000’s LeMan’s cars and the downloads for the cars and tracks are available on our Assetto Corsa Discord server for you to test out before you choose which car you’d like to drive!


The current rounds in place for the Naughties World Endurance Championship are:-

Round 1 – Road Atlanta, USA

Round one takes us to Road Atlanta for a one hour race, allowing for our drivers to experience the “Petit Le Mans” before the main event at LeMans itself later in the calendar! This track is famous for it’s “esses” and fast downhill turn at turn 12, a truly wonderful experience to drive!

Round 2 – Algarve International Circuit, Portugal

Round two, thanks to the wonders of Sim Racing takes us over to sunny Portugal, with a few more corners than Road Atlanta this track will allow for the LMP2 grid to be a lot closer to LMP1 throughout the race and gives a lot of challenge to the LMGT drivers with their lack of aero and relying on mechanical grip to get them through the low and mid speed corners!

Round 3 – Spa, Belgium

Round 3, takes us to a track that needs no introduction to any fan of motorsport or sim racing in general! Whether you’ve had the argument of whether the corner is raidillon or eau rouge, or have seen cars flat out up kemmel straight, this track is not one to be missed!

Round 4 – LeMans, France

Round 4, another track on our calendar that needs no introduction to any fan of motorsport or sim racing is the famous LeMans, the home of the Naughties World Endurance Championship and holds a special place in every endurance racers heart!

Round 5 – Nurburgring, Germany

Round 5 takes us over to Germany, to a much shorter track but no less prestigious, allowing for close intense racing and hard battles throughout the grid!

Round 6 – Monza, Italy

Round 6 flies us all the way from Germany to Italy for a track with plenty of straights for the drivers to stretch their engines and the famous first chicane, to ensure that everyone has their braking points drilled down!

Round 7 – Road America, USA

Round 7 takes us back to the USA for what has been described as “the best test of road racing in North America” by none other than Robin Miller, this should surely test our drivers and their cars in the penultimate round of the Naughties World Endurance Championship!

Round 8 – Silverstone, UK

Round 8 and the final round of the season brings us to the home of ThePitCrew, the UK and a much loved track by many a Sim Racer, allowing for our drivers to really get the most out of their cars and test the grip through maggots and becketts amongst other famous corners!

Season Detals

This championship is currently in it’s inaugural testing season in terms of physics and tracks, with only 2 rounds to go at the time of writing this article, ThePitCrew are improving the physics for the second full season of the Naughties World Endurance Championship and will be having 2 testing mini-seasons for the LMP and GT cars respectively, if you’d like to get involved, don’t forget to join our Assetto Corsa Discord to keep up to date with our new events and check out our events page!

We hope you enjoyed our run-down of our Naughties World Endurance Championship and look forwards to seeing you in our testing and Season 2 of our championship!

You can register for our Naughties World Endurance Championship and other leagues at our events page!

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