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Due to the ever-increasing interest in our successful Assetto Corsa Competizione Monthly endurance and the GT4 release imminent, I have taken the decision to run a new format “Bi-Weekly Pickup Championship” on Assetto Corsa Competizione, this is based on a championship format running every 2 weeks, over the next 6 weeks, ultimately ending in a 3hr one driver race, so anyone who’s interested in the ultimate endurance test, get your bottles ready, it’s about to be a long race!

This will run in a very similar fashion to the previous monthly format in the case of, if you sign up to one event you don’t need to attend all 3 events, although not attending all 3 events will drastically decrease your championship points.

Signups are now open and you can sign up over at the nurburgring event page, If the event has the 20 minimum signups required to run, we will publish the next 2 events both at once, you can sign up to all 3, or just one, or two, the decision is completely up to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Assetto Corsa Competizione?

Assetto Corsa Competizione can be found by the following link

Is there a minimum SA (Safety Rating) requirement?

There is not a minimum SA requirement, although we ask that you be “championship” ready in the case of not causing any other drivers issues when racing close. We are welcoming in all skill levels that want to drive safer and faster!

How do I know if I’ve signed up to an event?

An email will be sent to you containing your signup information, you can also check by logging into the practice server once it’s on the specific track and seeing if you have a “#” next to your name.

What if I can’t attend the event?

A check-in will be posted 3 days before the event goes live, if you haven’t let us know you’re unable to make it to the event before then, you will be banned from the next events in the series unless it’s exceptional circumstances.

Is there going to be a live steward during the event?

Yes, a live steward will be present during the event, to report any incidents you MUST type the number of the car involved into the chat, any shouts of “REPORT RACE NUMBER” in discord will not be acknowledged.

What are there any rules on overtaking on qualifying?

The following rules are in place for overtaking during qualifying:

  • If you have a blue flag, you must pull off the racing line in a safe and predictive manner and let the faster car pass.
  • If you do not have a blue flag and a faster car is approaching, you must not block the faster car approaching, but may stay on your racing line predictivably, it is up to the faster car to overtake.
  • If you feel a car has blocked your overtaking maneuver during qualifying you may report them and it will be looked at by our race stewards.

What are the blue flag rules during the race?

The following rules are in place for blue flagged cars during the race:

  • If you have a blue flag, you may not have to pull off the racing line, although you must not block a lapping car if it makes a move on you, which may require you to leave the racing line.
  • If you have a blue flag, you must remain predictable, any attempts to weave to the side of the road to let the lapping car past, may cause an incident for yourself or the other driver
  • If you are lapping a blue flagged car, ensure that you remain predictable and make your move clear.

Reporting other drivers.

Any reports for other drivers MUST be done in the race chat and can ONLY be done by the cars involved, an example report would simply just be the offending cars number.This includes the ability to report if you are a blue flag and feel like a lapping car has made an unpredictable move that has made you have to re-act in a way that caused avoidance of an accident.

If you have any further questions, please drop by our discord and if they’re common they’ll be updated in the post above.

Happy Racing!

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