Epic racing closes off the Season 3 calendar at ThePitCrew!

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A leap forward for the whole community

We truly believe our community took a big step forward with Season 3. With a clear and well-organised schedule, ThePitCrew has provided intense racing for the past six weeks over no less than 5 leagues.  Our Twitch commentary streams have never attracted so many viewers, with an engaging peak of almost 100 people following our latest ACC monthly endurance at Spa-Francorchamps. For the first time ever, Terry has been sharing the commentating booth. Indeed, Alisa Long joined him to present you the weekly RSS F3 / MX5 Cup races, and it was a great success! In the road to Season 4, ThePitCrew kept growing its staff base, including brand new people into stewarding, league management or content making. We’re still looking for more people in order to keep thriving! Feel free to contact us on Discord if you’re interested.

RSS F3 - Silverstone
RSS F3 @ Silverstone – Credit Lady_Oscar on Discord

Thrilling racing in every league and an engaged community

Drivers will agree with us: every race of every league, whether on Assetto Corsa or on Assetto Corsa Competizione, provided tight battles at every level of the field. That makes us a great community to drive with, but also a really entertaining platform for simracing enthusiasts! Most of our drivers enjoy watching the other leagues they’re not involved with, for that matter, as the show always goes on and the sportsmanship (friendship even) is strong between our members.

We offer just as much competition for the beginners as we do for experienced and fast sim racers. And even more importantly, we listen to you! Discord is the place where Terry and all of ThePitCrew’s staff are daily talking plans and trading ideas to always improve. Our subs especially; regularly voting on polls in order to make decisions for the future of the community, its communication, events, etc. Once more, get in touch with us if you feel the need to get involved!

Season 3 results

Monday’s British GT4 Racing (Assetto Corsa)

The British GT4 represented our basic GT entry championship. It was meant for beginners or first participants in one of our weekly leagues.

It was more of a duel up top for the British GT4 Championship. Every single race gave us epic battles between Moundir Dandani (BMW M4) and Julien Landry (McLaren 570S). The suspense lasted until the very last round at Donington GP where the French driver and his yellow Pokemon-themed McLaren took the final advantage. The midfield witnessed its lot of great racing as well. Many drivers like Stefanos Papavasileiou (Audi R8), Dean Bedding (AMR Vantage), Teo Guillaut (McLaren 570S), Boyd Winters (AMR Vantage), Diego Barreiros (Chevrolet Camaro) or Matt Harris (Mercedes-AMG) struggled to get a chance to stand on the podium. In the end, it was so close that the overall 3rd and 4th brought home the exact same amount of points!

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 02 20.36

Next season, GT4 racing is moving to a new platform: Assetto Corsa Competizione. It will not be a British Championship this time, but will still be very interesting to race and to watch! If you want to be part of it, follow this link!

Wednesday’s British GT3 Racing (Assetto Corsa)

In parallel of the British GT4, the big boys with more skill and experience had a go at each other in the British GT3 Championship. Same tracks, yet single longer races awaited our top GT drivers.

With two victories each, the overall win was very tight between Ramarra (BMW Z4) and Jakub Majewski (McLaren 650S). However, Ramarra showed unstoppable domination at Donington for the final round, and therefore claims the top spot on the general podium. Third place goes to Francesco Concas in a second McLaren, beating Christophe Shelfthoult only by 4 points. The Belgian driver has demonstrated impressive pace in his peculiar Gillet Vertigo and will remain one if not the most discussed of the driver’s thanks to his original car. To conclude our Top 5 cheers to our head of stewards Alisa Long (Nissan GTR) who secured 55 points overall.

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 03 16.37

British GT Racing, including GT3, will be back to ThePitCrew within a few months on Assetto Corsa Competizione, once the appropriate DLC is released. Until then, you will be able to attend or watch GT3 Racing on Season 4  through the ACC Multiclass League, running every Friday.

Double Dash Thursdays (Assetto Corsa)

Thursdays never disappoint. Whether in open-wheelers with the RSS F3 or in the MX5 Cup, Terry and Alisa could never keep up with every battle happening through both fields. A couple of those nights caused Terry a great deal of vocal chord pain, as he got a bit too excited by the action! If you’re looking for close racing in cars where setups do not make a significant difference, those series are perfect for you, however fast you may be! We even successfully implemented a ballast system in order to balance the forces involved. Anyway, scroll a little bit down to take a look at the results of Season 3!

RSS F3 Championship

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 06 17.41

MX5 Cup Championship

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 06 17.40

Yes, that seems unbelievable, but last round allowed Jakub Majewski to steal both championships! This is a massive performance from the Polish PitCrew Works driver. Our special congratulations go to these two: Andreas Vestengaard, 2nd of the F3 league, and Moundir Dandani, 2nd of the MX5 Cup championship. They showed great driving, incredible pace, and missed the overall win by very little. We would also like to address many thanks to the SimTec Racing drivers who contributed to make those MX5 races so engaging. They take home the honorary Team win with a total of 265 points!

Friday’s Multiclass League GT3/GT4 (Assetto Corsa Competizione)

This was our first go at a multiclass weekly league, and we chose Assetto Corsa Competizione to run it. Although the GT4 attendance was a little low at first, numbers went up round after round. Then the tension of traffic management became more and more palpable, making the already great racing even more enjoyable for simracers and viewers. To be noted, our dear John Doe took part in his beloved Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, winning (of course) in his category, but also fiercely battling against many of the GT3 mid-fielders.

The general victory goes to KingY (AMR Vantage) who wildly dominated the three first rounds. His supremacy was shaken at Spa where he finished second, but also at Zandvoort where he got beaten by Peter Stokes (2nd) and Antony Pellicano (winner). Those two Ferrari 488 drivers did not happen to get a podium there by chance! In fact they complete the podium of the championship, Stokes being 2nd overall and Pellicano 3rd. Congratulations!

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 04 17.39

In the GT4 category, Ramarra earns the gold medal with a total of 3 race wins as well. His Ginetta is already all warmed up for any future British GT series on ACC! Matthew Bretten took his BMW M4 out for the four last rounds of this championship, and achieved the great-but-no-so-great performance of finishing 2nd at every race. I personally wonder if he is happy about it or frustrated about not getting first place even once… Anyway, the overall podium is completed by English_52 (Chevrolet Camaro) who managed to steal the spot from Owen Jones and Alan Gooch, thanks to his consistency in bringing home good points.

ScreenHunter 15 Nov. 04 17.38

Here were the results of all our Season 3 leagues! If you want full details, you can find them in here! We would like to thank every driver who took part and every viewer that joined the Twitch lives at any point! You guys are making this community alive and we are very grateful. Feel free to comment below what was your favourite thing about Season 3, and maybe name your Driver of the Season!

Get ready for Season 4! League races will start on November 16th with the first round of ACC GT4. If you would like to race with us, please join the Discord where you will find all information and every direction you need. See you soon!

Signups open on November 9th for all of our season 4 leagues!

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