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We’ve teamed up with to increase our reach within the simracing community and can officially announce them as our brand new media partners going forwards, we were featured in an article about our race last year, the 1967 2.4hr of LeMans which was a groundbreaking event for ThePitCrew and as a community, we’ve come a long way since then and we’re happy to announce we’ve teamed up with to help provide even more exposure to drivers and racers looking to find new leagues or news regarding leagues!

SimRace247Partnership 1 – Official Media Partners

What does this mean for Us?

As a league and community, we’re always looking to help drivers who are new to simracing or have been simracing for 20+ years, and with the partnership with SimRace247, we’re doing exactly that.

From a community standpoint, we write news and articles that relate to our leagues, or in the benefit of our drivers, like our Tips From The Pits series; however, with this partnership, you can now find the latest news and information from the world of simracing and keep up to date with some of the news from our league itself, over at our partners’ website,, we’ll always publish our events here as well, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to find what’s coming up!

Who are SimRace247?

From the SimRace247 website “SimRace247 is an independent sim racing network providing non-stop content, race reports, league promotions, features, investigations, analysis and reviews. If it’s about sim racing, then it’s on this website!“.

To further expand on the above explanation, SimRace247 contains news and information in regards to racing in the simracing community, where you can find information on various leagues and events that are happening all over the globe, and we’ll be featured on there too as a league partner.

What type of Partnership is this?

We’re partnering as a league partner with for them to become a media partner of ours and to further promote ThePitCrew and increase our exposure within the simracing community as a part of an effort to increase our reputation as a league and community. The main goal is to expand our already growing network of drivers and fans and solidify our standing as a league in the simracing scene.

SimRace247 will join alongside our other partners to help drive the community to the next level, and allow us to concentrate on bringing you the close, clean, competitive racing of which we’re all looking for within simracing, please welcome the SimRace247 team and we hope to continue expanding our relationship and are excited about the future!

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