ANNOUNCING: Linked Accounts

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


We here at ThePitCrew are always looking to improve the user experience for our drivers and as well as being able to have fantastic battles on track, we also look to get you into our servers easier, so we’re happy to announce a brand new development!

Linked Accounts 1

We’ve successfully linked all of the accounts that require signup to race here at ThePitCrew in Assetto Corsa Competizione, which means, thanks to our developers, we’ve been able to improve our capabilities here at ThePitCrew and make it much easier for drivers to understand how to get involved!

The new capabilities that linked accounts bring us which allow us to continue and improve:

  • Whitelisted Practice Servers, all servers use “tpc” as the password, however, only our drivers can join them!
  • Whitelisted Time-trial Servers, all servers use “tpc” as the password, however, only our drivers can join them!
  • Discord Control Via Web Interface (Driver Numbers, Discord Nicknames and more to come!)
  • COMING SOON: Better entry-list management for team events and practice servers!
  • COMING SOON: Ability to create practice servers automatically!
  • COMING SOON: Easier to understand signup and splits!

Drivers in the whitelist are also rated by their PitSkill level, so the following classes apply in OUR servers:

White Nameplate – Pro and Alien rated PitSkill drivers.
Silver Nameplate – Silver-rated PitSkill Drivers.
Red Nameplate – Amateur and below rated PitSkill Drivers.

We’re also working on some more features to come which are in the pipeline, which will hopefully make it much easier for you to do what you want to do best and that’s drive!

Note: servers are not affected by these changes ( That’s the servers that launch when events scheduled via are launched and have in the title. )

First, Update your account!

Firstly, we’ve enforced a “Profile Completeness”, which means when you sign up to our website you need to give us certain details, we haven’t enforced linking accounts, however, head on over to your profile page and fill in your information:

Then, Link your account!

Then, link up your accounts and you’ll be able to do all of the above, we’ll always keep the completion section up to date if there are any changes, you’ll also be able to log in with your social accounts to the website, no more remembering passwords for our website, or for our ACC Practice/Time-Trial Servers!

That’s it, you’re done.

If you’re a Twitch Subscriber, you’ll be able to show your driver number on discord and your flag will also show, if you ever need to change your number, come back to your profile and update it.

How do I get into the practice servers and Time-trial Servers?

Simple, the entry list updates every night at 2 am UTC, so once you’ve filled in all of your information, wait until the next day and you’ll be able to race with us on our practice and time-trial servers!

Do I need to do this to sign up to a championship?

Yes, starting in Season 10, you need an account on this website with everything linked up and filled in correctly, this will allow for us to find you as well as for you to be able to sign up to championships, making signups much easier, all you have to worry about is what championship or league you’re looking to sign up for and what car, we’ll take care of the administration!

That’s it, thanks to Will our developer who’s been working hard to get all of the data together and improve our server hosting capabilities and bring in some fantastic new features to the community, this is only the first step and we have a long list of changes in the project which we’re looking to implement, so keep an eye out, and don’t forget to link your Twitter account, so that we can give you a shout-out in our podium results on our Twitter page:

Enjoy yourselves, and don’t forget, to #raceTPC as we are a community, focused on giving drivers the best racing we can!

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