August Fundurance – Bossman’s Birthday Special

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

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The fundurance is one of the best events for casual drivers on the calendar who don’t want to commit to championships but still want to be involved in some great racing, team up with a buddy, or do it solo!

This year, one week after Bossman’s birthday on the 31st of July, we’ll be heading to Imola in celebration, for a 2-hour race!

This time around we’re doing GT3, GT4 and Porsche Cup/Super Trofeo multiclass, as we wanted to do something a little different this month for the 2-hour race to see how different driver abilities would do in different types of cars, there’s no minimum requirement to drive any car as it is a FUNdurance, meaning that the key is to have fun!

What is a fundurance?

A fundurance event is where all of our stewards and staff are also invited to be out on track, joining in the fun, which means there’s no live-stewarding, or live-streaming, instead, everyone is invited to join the “fundurance voice chat” channels on discord, allowing you to talk to new or existing members in the community.

What about incidents?

Incidents as always are reportable if there is any intentional driving to ruin another’s experience, we will operate a 0 tolerance policy as we always have here at ThePitCrew.

Team Information

Teams of up to 2 drivers can participate in this race!

PitSkill Requirements

This event is open to all drivers as long as you have a POSITIVE PitSkill ranking ( you can check this by going to our discord and typing ~stats ), this is to ensure that drivers who are inconsistent aren’t causing a hazard on track, if you have a negative PitSkill ranking, take a look at our ACC Beginners Cup series!

What cars are available?

Check out the car list here:

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