ThePitCrew in a post-lockdown 2021 – An update from Management.

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


Hello everyone, we here at ThePitCrew pride ourselves on providing drivers with races they wish to race in, in a community, they’re proud to be a part of!

ThePitCrew was born to give racers exactly what they want, great racing, to improve that and allow everyone to have their say on what can be done going forwards and to allow for everyone to give their ideas, we’ve started giving drivers the chance to get involved more with staff and event voting as well as implementation of new features and other suggestions.

We’ve also started to integrate a lot with our community, to allow for you to have your say, to help make this community the best it can be, read more on how you can get involved below and what it means to you!

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Time Trial – Bathurst – Week 1


Time-trial events have been created with voting every week for a new event, track, or car class, with the ability for drivers to submit their ideas for Assetto Corsa and vote on various tracks in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

With driver submitted ideas for the Time Trials, it ensures that every week, we have some fresh, driver-picked and voted on content for our drivers to be able to race in, which also allows those drivers who can’t attend a weekly race to take their stab at trying to be the best on a track of their choosing!

Developing your future leagues and the whole community.

Here at ThePitCrew it’s always been hard to balance providing leagues, feautres and updates of which drivers want to compete and attend, versus ideas that are voiced by a small subset of the community, to help us to prioritise what we’re developing and implementing with the small team of volunteers we have, (please, let us know if you’d like to volunteer to help out) we’re opening the forum for everyone to suggest larger changes/provide us with ideas of what you’d like to see in the future of ThePitCrew, to do this, head on over to our about page and fill in the form at the bottom!

You can find more information regarding how you can suggest ideas for us to consider to be implemented over at About ThePitCrew – Founded 2019 where you’ll find the form and a small FAQ regarding what we’ll do with these suggestions!

Having your say…

There’s a few different ways you can have your say, and we’ll be changing how our surveys work at the end of Season 8 to integrate more information that drivers are sending to us via the new form on our About Page allowing for you to get your message sent directly to the league council and have it prioritised in the new surveys coming out.

We’ll be able to implement what you want, and you’ll be able to have your say in these Surveys, so not only are they important to us, but they’re important to you too, meaning that Surveys are going to be the best way to have your say in our community starting from Season 8!

Survey/Feedback Results

To echo the statement that we are a community, built by drivers, for drivers, if you’ve driven with us before Season 8 you’ll remember the Survey that was published to the community at the end of Season 6 to get their say on various topics and let us know what they felt like we needed to improve, the following were the results from the community voices:

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Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa

image 1
Assetto Corsa – Survey Results – Season 6

Daily Races

Drivers wanted more daily races, similar to the PitSkill system which we have looked at and thought about how it could work, we have the ability to run “looping” races that would last all day that would be able to be joined and driven or scheduled races that wouldn’t match to a championship but rather would be one-off scheduled races every day.

However, we feel as a league council that there isn’t enough interest in the various different combinations in AC to facilitate a full grid in terms of leagues, so instead, we now have 2 AC leagues to test to see what has an interest, one being the AC Cupra Cup and the BMW m235i Cup these are in to see what has an interest.

Larger Grids?

Our long term goals for Assetto Corsa are to only run one league a week, likely the Sunday league, with between season special events like the 2hr Nordschleife Multiclass Race which we had at the end of Season 8, to allow for us to make use of the large mod-pool of content available on Assetto Corsa.

Can’t make sundays?

We also have the Time Trial events which were mentioned earlier to allow for drivers to submit ideas/suggestions to try new track and car combinations which we may turn into special events in the future, we have another special event planned in the words for at the end of the Season 8 – Summer Season Series which is currently running, so ensure to join our Discord Server to await the notification for that!

20210404142736 1
Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione


PitSkill has been a hot topic of conversation ever since we’ve implemented it, and Season 6 was the first season we’d used it since we implemented it, a lot of changes happened throughout Season 6 and Season 7 which changed a lot of the ways people were graded, however we now feel for Assetto Corsa Competizione, without re-developing and changing the way it fundamentally works, there is no further growing room, however on average out of the 46 responses we received for the survey, it was rated at an average of 4.02, indicating where it was in Season 6 and 7 is completely fine to our drivers.

image 3
PitSkill System Ratings

What’s changed is below:

You can now see how close you are to the next rank, as well as publishing the number behind the rating, this may look very confusing to drivers as the numbers don’t always change, but that’s the system working correctly, sometimes you may go a whole season without a changing.

Drivers rankings now start to drop off after 4 months to allow for an ever-changing rank, to rank you closer to your peers season to season.

We’ve also confirmed that the “ALIEN” rank is possible, with a driver finally achieving the Alien ranking on PitSkill, Pree Masand.

image 2
Pree Achieving the First Alien Ranking!

Driver Rankings are now more evenly distributed going into Season 8 as well, creating larger “splits” pools in the grids between classes.

Read more about PitSkill, our exclusive Driver Rating System here: PitSkill: Driver Rating System


Over Season 8, we decided by a vote in the community, to change to a Series format allowing for drivers to sign up to events they could make, rather than running a fixed-signup mandatory championship over the summer period, you can read more regarding the reasoning here: Season 8 – “The 2021 Summer Season”

Our long term plans for championships in Assetto Corsa is similar to how it was in Season 7, however, the aim is to run fewer championships throughout the week, to lessen the load on our live stewards and allow us to run larger events, for example, endurance races and fundurances, catering for those longer races individuals are looking for, our goal is to ensure that the future of ThePitCrew is able to be maintained as life starts to get back to “normal” following the COVID-19 pandemic, remember if you have any suggestions feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of the following page: About ThePitCrew – Founded 2019

You can check out the list of current championships on our championship page: Championships

Special Events

As we teased above, we’re looking at bringing more special events to ThePitCrew, we’ve run the 6hr of Kyalami, the 3hr of Imola and the Fundurances, however, we’re looking to do more, we had a Bathurst 12hr planned for this week, however, due to Terry taking downtime and the whole of Season 8 aiming to be a little more casual over the Summer Period, we believed it didn’t fit correctly, so we scheduled the Fundurance instead to allow for those that would have been driving, to still drive.


Our aim is to have more Fundurances, with the 2hr of Nordschleife, and the ACC Fundurance falling under one banner of the Fundurance Series, with more exciting information regarding the Fundurance Series coming soon!


We do aim to have more Endurances, hence why we’re using the Fundurance to break up the schedule to allow for our stewards to have break, there will be more information regarding the Endurance coming out after the Summer Season has ended, so keep an eye out for that on our discord server!

The reasoning behind the changes…

A lot of communities are run by staff, with only staff making the decisions and drivers feel like they have a say, when in fact, they don’t, here at ThePitCrew, we aim to give our drivers somewhere where they have everything they’ll ever need. We’re called ThePitCrew, because our aim is to be helpful to each-other and each and every one of us work in the aim of a real life pitcrew, to solve problems and create great racing for everyone, just as a pit crew does in real life!

The whole aim for 2021 is to create great racing, and involving our drivers in our ideas/implementation processes is one step closer to doing so, as drivers can decide what creates great racing for them!

Please, leave a comment below of what you’re most interested in and what you’ve loved about racing at ThePitCrew so far!

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