2021 Fundurance Series, It’s back!

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


We teased a while ago that the Fundurance series would be back in 2021, well it is and it’s better than ever, with more ways to get involved and more ways to ensure your place on the grid!

We’ve built a brand new page explaining everything to do with the fundurance that can be found here, but we’re going to run down a few of the changes for everyone who’s already raced in a fundurance before!

Subscribers Choice!

We trialled the Viewers Choice on the stream for some of the races for Season 8, but for the Fundurance, we’re going back to its roots and subscribers now have the say on everything Fundurance, the League Council will be deciding the game and theme, and subscribers will be voting on what they would prefer from our choices!

Pre-Qualifying, Open to everyone!

We’re opening the Fundurance back to everyone, as long as you’re signed up to our website and are in our discord server, more information is available on our fundurance page, but here’s a breakdown on how you can get a slot in our Fundurance events:

  1. By being a staff member of ThePitCrew, we want to reward our staff for all the hard work they put in, so staff members automatically qualify for the Fundurance.
  2. By being a Tier 2 Subscriber on our twitch channel, this is to thank all of our subscribers for helping us out and to give them something back!
  3. By qualifying in the pre-qualification events leading up to the fundurance, more information on these will be posted when the fundurance event is posted, so be sure to read it fully!

We have to have a limit on how many can qualify due to the possibility of slots filling up, so the above is a list of priorities as well since there’ll be no stewards we’ll be using it to ensure that the grid has drivers in who know the course enough to qualify.

Fundurance Races over 2 hours long!

That’s right, we’ll be having the option to vote to increase the length of the Fundurance races, but with all our staff members invited, there will be no live stewarding unless they wish to do so!

Meaning, there’s the possibility to have 3, 6, 9, 12… even 24-hour races for the Fundurance event!

6H Kyalami Screenshot
6hr of Kyalami anyone?

Mutliple Games, back to the fundurance!

If you were with us back in 2020, you’ll remember the Fundurance was exactly that, a group of people on a random game, doing a random event that we’d thought up one night… Well, that’s exactly what we’re going back to, with the ability to run the same format for any game we want..

Assetto Corsa Driver Swap 4hr VLN? Yup.
rFactor 2 Karting for 2hrs? Yup.
AMS2 Historic Racing for 2 hours? Yup.
RaceRoom DTM Event? Who knows!

You name it, we might make a vote on it!

Nordschleife at dusk
Nordschleife anyone?

But, no stewards, what about rules?

The rules will always apply, even if we don’t have live stewards, we will still have post-race stewarding, with the ability to remove any drivers from future events who cause incidents, even if they’re staff members or subscribers (but our supporters never cause incidents. ;))

Totally not from a Brands Hatch Night Fundurance back in 2020….

Fantastic, how do I sign up?

We’ll be posting the event as soon as the subscribers have finished voting on it for that month with the full details on how to sign up, keep an eye out on our discord and if you want to get involved with the voting, be sure to subscribe over at our twitch channel! https://www.twitch.tv/subs/thepitcrewtv

To satisfy your urges until they’ve finished voting though, you can sign up for the current pre-planned Fundurance event here: https://thepitcrew.co.uk/games/assetto-corsa-competizione/2021-aug-fundurance/

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