Stewarding Team – Summer Series Update

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The Summer Series is closing down with 3 more weeks of exciting races. So far we’ve used the same rules & regulations from the previous season with minor tweaks. But now the Championships will be back and major changes to the ruleset will occur.
We are always working on trying to make The PitCrew fun and fair for racing, we also listen to a lot of feedback to see what is good, what is wanted and also what is unwanted.

What’s happening?

We believe in as much transparency as possible. We in the stewarding team will have two big meetings. One next week and one in the off-season. Here we will discuss the bigger implements and changes in our rules & regulations for the up and coming Championship season. You might see some changes next week and for the last week of racing, just allowing testing for trial and error.

We will also run this through with the drivers’ council and league council. But in the end, it will be Dennis Olsson, Casper Johansson and Manuel Hartwich finally deciding on the changes.

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You can help!

If this sounds exciting and you’d like to get involved, you can always apply to become a steward. We are currently expanding our post-race stewarding team but foremost we want more live stewards.

If you feel hesitant because you have no prior experience of stewarding, do not be held back. You won’t know until you apply, we are always happy to help train up new stewards to help keep ThePitCrew, close clean and fair!

Contact any of our stewarding managers on discord to find out more information or head on over to our recruitment page!

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