2022 – Endurance Calendar

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Hello Everyone,

We said we’d tell you, and we can confirm, that there will be an endurance calendar for 2022,

We’re excited to reveal the following *draft* calendar, for the WHOLE of 2022, the track names have been removed until we can confirm them, however, they should be added within the next week or so.

26th March 2022 | 3hrs of ? | 1-3 Drivers

28th May 2022 | 6hrs of ? | 2-3 Drivers

6th August 2022 | 6hrs of ? | 2-3 Drivers

8th October 2022 | 3hrs of ? | 1-3 Drivers

17th December 2022 | 9hrs of ? | 2-3 Drivers

We hope you’ll mark them in your calendar and we’ll see you on the grid, they will be using a similar format to the endurance of 2021, whereas you have to set a 103% hotstint of 3 laps with your team.

Top X (likely 10) teams from each event will once again be invited to hyperbole.


Things currently being worked on are point allocation across a championship, however each event will be a separate event.

Thank you,

ThePitCrew Management Team

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