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Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for supporting us, to help with 2022, we’re adding some new features to the website, and I’ll be sharing some of them here whilst the website is locked down as thanks for supporting us!

The first is a brand new time-trial section, we’re removing the old one that was manual work, and replacing it with a brand-spanking-new one that requires no manual work from ourselves!

It won’t have all the features you’d expect, as we are only showing the fastest driver for now, although we are storing all the data behind the scenes!

Server Names: – (Track Name) Practice Server
Password: tpc

I advise everyone to get in some practice on these servers for 2022, but more on that in another announcement.

Our aim for the start of 2022, is to bring as much of the priority information over to the website and then build upon it going throughout 2022, with more stats and more information!

Get hotlapping, and try and earn a trophy, there are plenty of those blank spots to fill before we release the website!

Enjoy, and thank you for supporting!


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