Custom Liveries

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Custom Liveries will always be available to use here at ThePitCrew, and we’ve put together a nice easy guide for you to follow.

TPC S9 Dash3 4
Aston & Gulf Bentley Battling

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Coloured Pirelli stickers MUST be located on all 4 corners of the car, these stickers are included within the livery templates by default when you first open them.
  • A coloured Assetto Corsa Competizione logo MUST be located on the bonnet/hood, front splitter or front bumper of the car. Number plates do NOT count towards this.
  • Your livery MUST have a sponsors.png & a decals.png, if your livery does not make use of one of these layers, please create a transparent png for this layer.
  • The base layer of your car using the “skinTemplate” must not be carbon black.
  • It must contain the following sponsor logos, usually present along the side-skirts and ATLEAST ONE ThePitCrew Logos
TPC S9 Dash1 03

Sponsorship & Logo Download Link

Livery Upload Link

Note, you can only upload ONE livery, please ask in #vip-chat in discord if you wish to change your livery.

Liveries Download Link

Note, we do not recommend running these if you have a weak PC as we’d rather you not run into any issues during the race.

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