PitSkill 2.0 – Early Preview

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


You’ve very likely heard of PitSkill 2.0, well, what is it?
Since you’re a Patreon, we’d like to thank you by giving you exclusive access to the explanations and showing you what each rating means before we publish them to the public, this is because they’re currently being used, but don’t have “front-ends” for you to look at your own data.

PitSkill 2.0 is an improved version of the PitSkill system we had a while back, but more emphasis on being clean, and finishing well, rather than how fast you are!

PitRating (pR)

This is a measure, similar to iRacing and other competitive racing systems where we rate you based on how well you do vs the strength of the field in the championships or races you’re entering!


This is now available to view on every championship page and will be available for you to view your individual rating on your driver’s license when it’s released!

PitRep (pRep)

This is your “reputation” within the community and is based on how clean you are on track and works by weighing your valid laps vs incidents and other modifiers.

We recently published an announcement about this, however we haven’t fully finalised it for public consumption yet, so right now all I can tell you is this:

Positive Modifiers

This will increase your rating.

– Completing Valid Laps

– Starting a race you sign up for.

– Finishing a race you sign up for.

– Finishing with 0 incidents in a race.

Negative Modifiers (in order of minimal to maximum)

This will decrease your rating.

– Invalid Laps / Running offtrack.

– Incidents/Contacts

– Failing to finish a race that’s been signed up for.

– Level 1 Penalties from stewards.

– Failing to start a race.

– Level 2 Penalties from Stewards

– Level 3 Penalties from Stewards

We’re hoping to publish this out sometime during this season/at the end depending on if we think it’s ready to go public, however, these weightings may change based on how we feel the ratings are moving during the season.

We’ve been tracking since the start of 2022 everyone’s PitRep and have around ~8 races of data to use, however, we want to ensure it’s correct when we publish it instead of having to put out a lot of fixes for it.

PitPace (pP)

Coming Soon

PitPace is our final evolution of the PitSkill System we had a while ago, however much more thought out, where we rank everyone based on their hotstints across various tracks on our [PitPace] marked servers, allowing for everyone to be matched up equally based on their pace.

Broken down into track-specific ratings, you’ll be able to improve your rating by going into the PitPace marked servers and simply practising, all your times will be logged and you’ll get a rating based on how well you do vs the rest of the drivers in the community.

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