ThePitCrew teams up with for Season 5!

Looking for Close, Clean, Competitive ranked racing?

Click the image above, or this link to go to our brand new race management dashboard, PITSKILL!


Anyone that’s in our sim racing community discord already knows, but we are teaming up with the creators of RaceDepartments new platform to provide you with Season 5 of our Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione leagues; utilising the features of the platform that is currently in closed beta, but will soon be opening to the general public!

This will be our largest leagues yet, with over 170 slots of weekly racing between all of our days of racing, after our previous leagues filled up in less than a week of the announcement, we expect these to do so as well!

Let’s have a look at what leagues we’ve put together for Season 5 here at ThePitCrew, starting from the 11th of January and running right through until the final event on the 12th of February! – Closed Beta Access

If you’re in the waiting list already and want to join our league, hop on over to our discord and check out the channel, we’ve been given exclusive access as a community to invite people and bypass that 40k member waitlist!

More information here:


Mondays – Assetto Corsa Competizione – GT4 Sprint Series

The second season of our GT4 Sprint Series is back, and bigger than ever, we ran 5 rounds of 24 cars last season, but we’ve added an extra tier this season to allow for racing within similar skill levels all the way throughout the field!

These means the following Tiers are now available and require pre-qualifying on our qualifying server below! You can sign up now to the tier which you believe you should be in!

image 4
Server Name: – Season 5 GT4 Qualification
Password: season5

If we think you’re wrong, we will move you to the correct tier based on the pre-qualifying.

Both Tiers will be live streamed at!

Assetto Corsa Competizione – GT4 Sprint Series – Tier 2 – ( Silver/AM )

Start Time – 19:00 UTC

The Silver/AM Tier is for those of you who are usually mid-pack fighters or, are just looking to get into racing GT4’s on Assetto Corsa Competizione! They will be on stream first, to support the pro tier!

As any drivers that finish within the top few slots might move up next season!

Sign up now for the GT4 Sprint Series Tier 2 on!

Assetto Corsa Competizione – GT4 Sprint Series – Tier 1 – ( PRO )

Start time – 20:00 UTC

The Pro tier is for those of you who are usually top 10 of the fastest qualifiers, or top split of any leagues that you enter, signing up to this tier means that you are usually within 2s of the Alien pace around any given track!

Sign up now for the GT4 Sprint Series Tier 1 on!


Wednesdays – Assetto Corsa – RSS 3 V6 (Formula 3)

Start time – 1900 UTC

Wednesdays at 7pm UTC is home to our Formula 3 league, with only one tier implemented at the moment, if this fills up, we will be running a second with a similar format to the above!

The RaceSimStudio‘s Formula 3 car will be used for our third season of Formula 3 racing at ThePitCrew, and we hope to see the league fill up so we can run another Tier on top!

Sign up now for the RSS Formula 3 championship on!


Thursdays – Assetto Corsa – Grassroots Cup

Start Time – 1900 UTC

ThePitCrew wouldn’t be ThePitCrew without having a league that caters to those drivers who just wish to turn up, drive and have fun and this is exactly what this is, this time using the Audi TT Cup car!

Open to drivers who would class themselves as beginners, who don’t really race that much or just race for the fun of it, this is the best championship for you, anyone who stands out above the rest of the pack by a considerable margin will be removed from the races, we want this to be all about fun!

This will be our Support race for the “Semi-Serious” league in AC, the World Endurance Championship!

Sign up now for the grassroots cup on!

WEC WorldEnduranceChampionship

Thursdays – Assetto Corsa – World Endurance Championship

Start time – 19:40 UTC

Anyone who’s been with us long enough to remember the first World Endurance Championship we did, knows we’ve come a long way, well this season to start 2021 off, we’re going back to our roots!

The World Endurance Championship for Season 5 will feature none other than the Modern LMP1 and GT2 cars from Assetto Corsa!

With 30 slots and visiting tracks such as Bahrain, Sebring, Le Mans and Road Atlanta, it’s sure to be one that will be absolutely thrilling!

Sign up for the World Endurance Championship on!

GT3 Multi Division Endurance

Fridays – Assetto Corsa Competizione – GT3 Multi-Division Endurance League

Start Time – 19:00 UTC

In Season 4, we ran the highly successful Assetto Corsa Competizione Multi-Class Endurance league, with 1hr30minute races and 4 different classes of cars competing to become the best of their class, well this season we’re limiting it to GT3 only, but having 3 different classes of drivers, with 50 slots available!

50 Drivers, competing for points in their respective divisions, with pre-qualifying for each division, this will be our biggest and most complex weekly league yet!

5 rounds of 1hr30minute races will decide who gets promoted next season and who will pick up the Pro, Silver and AM trophies from Season 5!

About Divisions:

Pro – Top 15
Silver – 15-30
AM – 30-50

Pre-qualifying must be done on our pre-qualifying server below for us to place you in the correct division, although when signing up, select based on the above criteria:

image 3
Server Name: – Season 5 GT3 Qualification
Password: season5

Sign up now for the GT3 Multi-Division Endurance League on!

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